Small Things

Small things. The little day-to-day moments that we tuck away behind us without a second thought. The happy sounds of little children who are quickly maturing into young men and women; the miracle of life springing forth from a tiny dry seed, soon to bring forth fruit; a walk down the road on a beautiful Spring day with all the precious ones called family – who will one day have families of their own to care for.

These are the things that I want to remember. For one day they might be far far gone, and perhaps, some of these moments will be forgotten.

Image 10

Tiny Tim’s school project – a terrarium that he built.

Image 8

My math student … “plugging away” {as I so often call it} at Algebra. Wow! Wasn’t I “just” in that book myself?! 😉

Image 13

Part of this year’s organic herb garden, ready for Spring planting.

Image 6

Some vegetables David {my brother} planted.

Image 16

A few of my ingredients that arrived this week  … part of many pounds of herbal tea that I mixed up. {By the way, Mountain Rose Herbs is an excellent company, and offers bulk discounts as well}. 🙂

Image 11

The privilege of attending a dear friend’s wedding in SC, and reuniting with another dear friend there {who drove 17 hours from KS to attend!}. Elizabeth is the one in pink.

Image 18

One little boy in our family has a special love for the precious few wildflowers that grow in our yard. If he can find some, he will usually collect them for us girls. {After all… they look better on the table than in the yard, right?}  😉 ❤

Image 22

Bethany made french toast one evening.

Image 29

Tracing the letters out for a banner – the day David came home.

Image 28

Making a big card to put on the kitchen window.

Image 30

Making the banner – naturally he chose the girl’s room for the project… and that’s where I found all the markers, scissors, and tape laid out when I came to draw out the letters.  😉

Image 26

Image 25

The kitchen – decorated for David’s homecoming.


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