Relieve Allergies With These 4 Essential Oils

It’s Spring. If you haven’t noticed, the world around us is soft, green, and very much alive with color and new growth! Tiny green shoots popping up from dark soil, preparing to blossom into loveliness … Little birds outside the window singing out their hearts… fresh rain showers, followed by sunshine and a soft breeze… oh how I love it! And yet, blessings are not always without trials. 🙂


It’s Allergy season.

I struggled with terrible seasonal allergies for years. And by that I mean terrible. Sore throat, watery eyes, congestion, runny nose, itchy skin, breakout, fatigue, weight gain, swollen face…

Part of that was greatly relieved by a careful and thorough mold remediation that we had done in our home a couple of years ago {prior to which I found this oil blend very helpful}, but there were still allergies associated with pet dander, dust, chemicals, pollen, and leaf mold. I started using a blend of pure essential oils in 2012 and over time I learned that I could not only control my allergies, but prevent them before they ever happened.


I believe that essential oils are so much more than symptom relievers.

In may cases they are key solutions to underlying problems. They can be used to effectively bring healing to deeper roots of outer surface symptoms. And as I began to apply these 4 essential oils again and again {sometimes daily, sometimes weekly}, I found my allergies becoming less and less over time.

Today I hardly ever have allergies.

I rarely need my essential oil blend. I have visited friends with indoor pets for days at a time, with no problem. I have cleaned house with chemicals. I have spent hours on end in my gardens and outdoors, surrounded by blooming flowers and mounds of yellow pollen spread across driveway and sidewalk… with no allergies. No symptoms.

And when, on occasion I begin to feel some of those familiar symptoms returning, if I am quick and proactive at applying these 4 essential oils, I know that I can easily {in most cases} prevent the allergies altogether!


So grab these 4 oils and slather them on!

Neck, spine, forehead, throat, behind the ears… and be persistent! Healing takes time. You may find that using them over time {allergies or no allergies} will not only rid you of the majority of those dreadful symptoms, but possibly cure you of them altogether.


Lemon is great for the immune system, stomach aches, detoxifying and cleansing, fighting infections, calming and relaxing the body, clearing excess mucous and preventing congestion, relieving allergies and cold/sick symptoms… and the list goes on.

Check out this post about lemons (now remember that an essential oil is 50-70 times more powerful than an herb. So a little lemon essential oil goes a long way in relation to some lemon juice)!

Purchase Organic Lemon Oil Here.


Lavender is best loved and most popular for its soothing, calming, and relaxing properties… but it’s also excellent for burns, pain relief, skin irritations, preventing colds and sickness, and so much more!!

It was lavender essential oil that I rubbed all over my little brother’s legs when he was sick and his body was shaking uncontrollably (for some unknown reason that was really quite terrifying… he had been in bed for several days, fighting a virus). It was lavender essential oil that my sister first discovered for preventing colds and sickness {which is how I got into essential oils in the first place}!

Check out this post for a more lengthy list.

Purchase Organic Lavender Oil Here.


Peppermint is calming and soothing, especially for stomach aches and pains. Its cool, menthol affect makes it great for sore muscles, and bodily pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties makes it great for a sore throat, spasms, and respiratory conditions. It can be very useful in lowering a fever.

Purchase Organic Peppermint Oil Here.


Eucalpytus is excellent for fighting off and preventing bacteria and viruses. It is ideal for respiratory conditions because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties, which help relieve coughing and clear the airways. It is cleansing and disinfecting. It helps boost the immune system and strengthen the body to fight off unwanted symptoms. It is relaxing and soothing to the body, calming coughing, congestion, and spasms that result in respiratory conditions.

A few drops of Eucalyptus can effectively take care of cold/sick-related symptoms and/or allergy related symptoms – coughing, congestion, sore throat, runny nose, asthma, etc.

The Eucalyptus Globulus that I use contains over 60% 1,8-cineol which is the key constituent that “does the job” in fighting against germs, congestion and inflammation.

Purchase Organic Eucalyptus Oil Here.


Get My Organic Allergy Oil Blend HERE.

  • Calm and reduce spasms and inflammation
  • Fight against bacteria and infection
  • Relieve congestion, coughing, and itchy/watery eyes and throat
  • Relax and soothe the body, to reduce tension and headaches
  • Reduce and relieve pain
  • Calm and soothe a sore throat
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system
  • Help the body eliminate and reduce excess mucous

All of these oils are on sale {the singles and the blend} – get them here – organic, pure and high-quality!


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