It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Not slow. Not boring. Not at all! Just a little quiet. Nothing huge and big and new to write about. Nothing super exciting for my readers ;-). And yet the loveliness of everyday life. Teaching, baking, littles, laundry, cleaning, working in the garden, getting hands dirty, putting things in the mailbox, mixing up more salves and oils … visiting with friends, and making new friends.

I love that.

{Feeling so very blessed.}

I think one of my favorite things about Spring {besides the cool breeze, the singing birds, the buzzing honeybees, the fresh colorful flowers, and the like…} would be the time that I get to spend outside {usually with the oldest brother}, preparing the gardens, planting seeds, tending & watering, pulling up a few small weeds here and there {so very thankful for the never-ending benefits of mulch gardening!}.

With David’s recent jaw surgery, he’s been tucked away for most of the watering and tending part. This week we worked on the orchard {spraying some healthy “juice” he mixed up on the fruit trees}, and the plastic for the hoop house {which was in need of washing after all the pollen and rain we’ve had}.

Now we’re approaching the time when we put the seedlings into the ground! I’ve been watching these tiny seeds transform into luscious green plants with leaves and stems! I’m especially thrilled about expanding my herb garden! Last year’s 2 little calendula plants produced a lot of flowers… and this year I’m planting somewhere around 35-40 calendula plants! 🙂

I’ll be posting pictures soon. But today, check this out. The Country Muffin is on instagram!


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