This morning I took my laptop to the Apple store for repair.  While we waited, a brother and I visited a few surrounding stores in the mall. Sur La Table is always fun to look through, and Pottery Barn. For the sake of the younger brother’s interests {or lack of interest in this case}, I avoided the clothing stores and those geared mainly toward women in general. And that’s when our walking around took us to Lush.

Image 7

It was the younger brother who pointed it out. “That looks like you’re kind of store Sarah,” he said. And sure enough, it looked really interesting! Lush – Fresh, handmade cosmetics.

Image 6

One really neat thing that I appreciated about this store, was the knowledge of the employees about their products – where they come from, how the ingredients in different products provide health benefits and healing qualities for the skin and body, how they choose the ingredients from various countries, etc … Based off of various posts on this blog, and my past experience with different companies and individuals, it’s a given that I really really appreciate people who understand not only what they’re selling – but the how and why as well.

Image 3

Another thing that’s really neat is that they ask you some questions to determine what you appreciate, like, prefer, etc. in various skin care and body products, and then pull out some specific products to try on you – right there! They have a bowl of water and table with chairs, and literally do demonstrations on you if you want – sugar scrubs, lotions, gels, lotion bars, etc. It was really fun! Actually, a new experience that provided more time for her to share about their products, and for me to ask questions. {I didn’t buy anything, but I really appreciated how they reach out to their customers and seem to be truly passionate about their products.}

The brother looked on with great interest. 😉

Image 2


Check this out! The soaps were very unique. Rather strange 😉 … but made with essential oils, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other pure ingredients.

We left the store with a bag of samples to take home. While I didn’t purchase anything, Lush was one of those truly unique and really fun stores that stood out to me as a neat experience. The workers, the products, the how and why of what they do {there’s a picture on each product of the person who prepared that product and the date that they prepared the batch, as well as other info about the ingredient sources, etc.}.

Check out their online store here.

And so, you never know what incredible new adventures, a trip to the Apple store may bring. 🙂


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