Gift Gala

It’s a lovely day! I know the blog has been rather quiet lately, but I hope to fix that soon. With the arrival of Spring and moving right along into Summer, there’s much to do and much to share! But for now, a few pictures from last weekend’s Gift Gala event. 🙂

Saturday started off bright and early, somewhere around 4:30 am. The three of us {David – with Something Gourmet Bakery, Jonathan, and myself} started off with an hour-long drive before us … but first a few quick stops in town {including “breaking into” the store where I sell my products to grab a few sign displays… don’t worry vendors are allowed to do that 😉 }.


A little rain was soon replaced by blue skies and sunshine throughout the event. It was a little chilly but much warmer as the day wore on. Perfect. 🙂


A highlight of this event was sharing with a number of interested customers, who knew very little or next-to-nothing about essential oils. I was able to “educate” many on some of the various ingredients I use, and the why behind my what. Always a great delight!


While I enjoyed myself greatly {it was pretty fun having David there with his bakery, and Jonathan too!} the sales were very slow going. It didn’t seem like very many people knew about the event and traffic was lacking greatly. As a result it seemed like perhaps more of the vendors ended up buying from one other than other customers from the outside. IMG_2073

You learn as you go. There’s no perfect event. Each and every one has a purpose, a learning experience, a highlight and perhaps even a downside. I am grateful for the experience, but probably would not vote to attend again next year. Who knows what can happen in a year though, right?


David’s baked goods were a pretty big hit! Can’t go wrong with something sweet and delicious, right?! I was grateful to see him selling off his amazing goodies, because he’s had very little experience with events like this in the past and the few he’s attempted were pretty sad {for reasons like this one}.


Somewhere around 1:00 pm they had a balloon release in the parking lot outside the church gym {where the event was held}. The group who put this event on has a ministry creating memory boxes for those who have lost a baby {or babies}. The woman who hosted the event lost a baby herself which resulted in this neat ministry that she is now doing.

It was a really sweet moment when all those who had lost a baby gathered outside to let a balloon go. Some had written their baby’s name on their balloon. This was a highlight of the event for me, because it was really special to take a few minutes and reflect on the 6 precious little ones that our family has lost {who are now in a much better place!} – and to be reminded that one day we will be reunited with them {and for the first time face to face} in heaven! ❤



It was a lovely day. Much work. Many preparations. Sibling time in the car for 2+ hours round trip. Laughter. Favorite CDs. Eating and snacking.  Happiness. 🙂



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