Using Herbs For After-Surgery Recovery

Several weeks ago I wrote a series of blog posts on my brother’s jaw surgery. Given a scale from 1-5 of how serious his condition was {requiring surgery}, David was probably about 4.5. A horse-shoe shaped cut was made from one side of his mouth all around to the other side, both above and below his teeth {2 cuts}. They also worked on his sinuses, and even did another surgery a few weeks later on his nasal septum {because something was out of place there and he was not able to properly breathe through his nose}.


My mom was faithful to write email updates from the hospital and hotel room {where they stayed for another couple of days after the surgery}, because the operation was done about 3 hours from home and his condition was such that they wanted to be close to the hospital in case of any complications.

David is 19 years old, going on 20. He’s a guy. Tough guys don’t complain about cuts or scrapes {or even broken bones in some cases 😉 } and naturally he told me ahead of time that he wasn’t going to want any remedies apart from his pain meds. But we sent them along anyway. And thankfully so, because somewhere around the time that he woke up from surgery, he changed his mind.

Image 3

Poor guy… none of us can imagine what after-jaw-surgery recovery is like until we’re there ourselves. It’s the experience that counts. Nausea, swelling, and pain.

The purpose of this post is to share with you a few of the specific oils/oil blends and herbs that we used in the recovery process, from the time David came out of surgery. I’m going to highlight a few of the key symptoms he experienced, and some of the things we found helpful {even a “lifesaver” so to say} in reducing them.


David’s mouth was held firmly in place so that he couldn’t move, laugh, smile, talk. You do the thinking … add it up. Mouth stuck shut + nausea = *not* a good idea. Take it a step further and we have a major problem!

Breathe Oil Blend

“We are with David now and he looks great! I was expecting a lot more swelling after what the doctor said. He is very groggy and having trouble with nausea. They have given him several different nausea medications. I pulled out Sarah’s Breathe Oil (has peppermint and other minty essential oils in it), and he immediately felt better. So now he has it slathered on his feet, neck etc.” {update #3}

Headache Oil Blend & Peppermint Oil

After a few applications of this oil blend, my mom switched to using the Headache Oil Blend on him, along with some plain peppermint.


Note: In a situation like this there may not be a “right” or “wrong” oil of choice. What smells good and what reduces the feeling of an unsettled stomach or the urge to vomit may vary greatly from person to person. Some love citrus, I totally love any type of mint. It is something you feel out, even possibly go back and forth on, depending on your situation.

“The nausea is mostly gone, except for a few waves when they do things in his mouth… which is immediately helped by Sarah’s minty oils (deep healing oil, headache oil, breathe oil, etc.) He is still on the pain meds and nausea meds… mostly for precaution as his teeth are banded shut and if he were to lose his stomach contents, he would choke unless we cut the rubber bands quickly.” {update #4}


We had been forewarned that the swelling/inflammation would be *terrible*. Thankfully {God is good!} his condition turned out MUCH milder than expected. The doctors and nurses {upon checkup/return visits} were amazed at how mild his swelling was {very unusual with what they’ve seen in their other patients}.

Deep Healing Bone & Muscle Herbal Blend


In preparation for the anticipated swelling, I sent along Deep Healing Bone & Muscle Herbal Blend – so that my mom could prepare some herbal tea compresses for David’s face. The main herbs in the Deep Healing blend are Arnica and Comfrey. Arnica flowers are my #1 favorite for swelling/inflammation and ideal for any deep bone/muscle/tissue related injuries. It is great for bruising, muscle and joint pain, etc. Comfrey is the bone-knitter herb, quickly and effectively binding together things that are broken, torn, severed, etc. It is ideal for any skin, bones, tissue, etc injuries. where there is a binding up or sealing together needed for healing. Other herbs in that blend include Peppermint {anti-inflammatory and a natural pain reliever, red raspberry leaf, and horsetail/shavegrass {excellent for bone health and growth}.

Deep Healing Oil Blend

My mom also shared that she used the Deep Healing essential oil blend on his face many times daily, slathering it all over his face, beside the nose, along the jaw, even underneath his chin. This was a huge factor in helping to further reduce the swelling/inflammation.


“God is so good… and merciful! Last evening David was having a substantial amount of swelling and his nose was swelling shut. It was quite difficult for him to breathe, as his teeth are tightly closed together. (Try biting closed and pinching your nose and breathing through your teeth… it is very labor intensive… unless you have some large gaps in your teeth. Whey I try it, I feel like I can’t get enough air.) We put a compress soaked with Sarah’s bone healing tea on his face under the ice pack and he went to bed. Today he is much better. We were told after leaving the hospital to expect severe swelling and nasal congestion… and that it would increase until the 3rd day and then begin to subside. The anti-imflammatory properties of the comfrey and plantain herbs must have done him a lot of good, because he looks very much better this morning, rather than more swollen as they said to expect. So right now… he is wearing another compress… and will likely have several more today! This makes me think of Psalm 104:14 “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man…” To God be the Glory!” {update #5}

Image 20


We were told that David would have the worst case of nasal congestion ever. If closing your mouth and keeping your teeth together  for a couple of weeks is difficult, try breathing through your clenched teeth when your nose is extremely congested!

Diffusing Essential Oils

“The nurse is not sure they will allow me to use an essential oil diffuser in the room, but she is trying to get permission. She said we can at least put out cotton balls with oil on them and set them around the room.” {update #2}

At the hospital, they would not allow my mom to diffuse essential oils in the room for David’s congestion. The following day they moved to a hotel room {to remain in the area a couple of days before returning home} and my mom was able to run our diffuser with a few essential oils/blends.

Wellness oil blend, and eucalyptus were 2 that my mom diffused. 8 drops of each. These were helpful for David’s congestion, but also an immune booster to help prevent David from catching something while in his early stages of recovery. My mom also rubbed the wellness oil blend into the bottoms of his feet each day so that the oils could get into his bloodstream and encourage a health, strong immune system =  wellness and faster recovery. 🙂

In Addition

David *was* on medication for his pain & nausea. The oils and herbs we used were in addition to the things that the doctor gave him during surgery, and the hospital gave him after surgery.  We found the various essential oil blends and the herbal compress to greatly reduce the severity of symptoms we were told to expect much worse {even the doctors and nurses were amazed at how well he did!}.


My mom was also keeping David on probiotics – 9 each day added to his meal shakes, to replenish the flora in his gut, killed by the antibiotics. We like Garden of Life RAW probiotics, 85 billion – like this one.

And there you have it!

A few of our favorite tried-and-true favorites! As I continue to write and share on this blog, it amazes me how the same few products {a handful of essential oils and herbs} can address such a huge variety of issues! Headaches, allergies, respiratory conditions, broken bones, sore muscles… the key is to address those root issues. Where are they coming from {rather obvious in this case}, and how can we effectively address them?

Our God is amazing! To think that one little plant growing in my garden has the power and ability to effectively bring healing. How much joy I find in the smallest, tiniest {yet so-very-significant} works of His creation – the little flower barely visible between patches of grass in our yard. That little weed rooted in the mud by our sandbox… and to think that He put it there for a purpose.


Get the Essential Oil Blend Collection Here.

Revelation 22:2 “…and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”
Psalm 67:2 “That Thy way may be known upon earth, Thy saving health among all nations.”



This post is intended to provide helpful suggestions {natural plant-based ingredients that actually work!}  to encourage speedy healing, and reduce the severity of painful symptoms during after-surgery recovery. It is not intended to take the place of required or advised medical treatment by a doctor or healthcare professional.


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