JAARS Spring Festival

The JAARS Spring Festival was my 2nd event of the year, and a big success! It was neat that I knew most of the vendors, and quite a few of the families and individuals who came by. The overall experience was very relaxing and comfortable. The Spring Festival was a first time event, and one that I hope they will do again next year. 🙂


Sales were steady. I had quite a few lengthy conversations with various ones who came by. I always love sharing personal health stories and testimonials from family and customers. It’s amazing how much we can bless one other simply by sharing what we’ve learned … I know that I always come away blessed in some way through these different events.


This is the first of all my shows {starting last Summer when I began to adventure out and feel my way into the live event side of things} where Jonathan {a younger brother} did not come along to help me out. I truly missed having a sibling there to work along-side with … not to mention the extra laughter, fellowship, and man-power that comes with the whole deal. 😉 And yet it worked out nicely that my mom and older sister came to help me set up earlier on, and to visit a few other vendors.

It was a lovely, breezy sunny day. I certainly hope we have similar weather for the outdoor event this weekend in downtown Waxhaw!! 🙂


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