Organic Tropical Hibiscus Tea {Bulk}

Several have asked for larger quantities of the Organic Tropical Hibiscus Tea. Can you believe that I’ve never personally had a *single* entire cup of this deliciousness? I know it’s crazy…


In case you haven’t heard the story, one evening I went to create the Immune Booster Wellness Tea {from a basic list of ingredients, needing measurements} and ended up with some extra ingredients left over. So I threw a few of those together and viola! Organic Tropical Hibiscus Tea happened. The little brother {who was assisting me} and I each sampled a mouthful from a small amount we prepared, just to check it out. And then a friend tried it and purchased some for her family and friends. I sent a few away as Christmas gifts and thank-you gifts. Pretty soon it became my most popular tea. I started hearing about how delicious it is … particularly prepared as an iced tea for Summer.

So here I am … writing this post … drinking my first official cup of Tropical Hibiscus Tea. 😉 Mmmm … I tell you this stuff is amazing! My new absolute favorite tea. Fruity, with a slightly tart edge {from the raspberry leaf}, and sweetened with raw honey. Deliciousness! ❤ I made up a big pot, from which I’ll be using the leftovers for slightly sweetened iced tea!


As I was saying … you can now purchase 12 oz bags of this deliciousness in the shop. That is the equivalent of 4 regular 3 oz bags {at a discounted price}. 🙂

And… check out this amazing tea press that our family loves and uses regularly, to prepare tea for {whether for a couple, a few or a crowd}.

Go check it out!

P.S. In case you missed the Mother’s Day special, FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 through Saturday, May 9th. Code FREESHIP at checkout.  Plus, there are a lot of fun items for Mother’s Day, on sale in the store.


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