Waxhaw Family Fun Day

Wow … So today was pretty incredible.

We got our sunshine and clear blue skies, along with 92% humidity = warm and dripping. 😉 The shade of our tents was nice, and especially as the hours passed and the sun climbed higher in the sky. This is when our cool breeze turned to unpredictable gusts of wind, which sent things flying … anything that wasn’t securely tied down that is. Several lost their tents, including me (although we managed to hold ours in place until breakdown time when it flew up and away)! 😄😄😄

It was great having 2 of my siblings along for the day. The rest of the family came down for part of the morning to visit and look around at all the neat stuff. There was a firetruck, bouncy blow-ups and ice cream… lots of fun stuff!

Jonathan enjoying some of the iced Mint Tea {from my herb garden} that we gave out as samples, and sold by the cup.

Our sweet friends @Cottton Berry Quilts were right next to us, which made for some fun conversation and much laughter throughout the day. Check out their amazing products here!

There were actually 2 lots for the 40+ vendors – this was the back lot further down the street by the church. The other lot was more direct, out toward main street.

There were other fun highlights of the day too – like when I photographed Jonathan and a friend bouncing through the blow-up … and when we cleaned everything up at the end and went down to the Waxhaw Creamery for delicious homemade ice-cream, which we ate at the park … and the great people who came through … and how many times we had to hold down our tent because everything was blowing this way and that way…

It was a pretty incredible day. Sales were a little slow going. Not a ton of people made it to the back lot where we were all stationed. But all in all it was a successful event, and one that I hope to attend again this Fall.


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