A Day At The Beach … And Sunburn

3:00 am is a pretty early start to a Sunday. And that is how our Mother’s Day celebration started. Many hands worked together to pack a delicious lunch for the beach, and load various necessities into the van. What’s a day at the beach without sunscreen, flip-flops, sweet tea {that would be Country Muffin leftovers from my event on Saturday}, and football? 🙂

We drove 4 1/2 hours, to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, and arrived mid-morning at Folly Field Park.

Swim-suits, sunglasses, sunscreen… and the surfboard. 

The walk down to the beach consists of long boardwalks, heading through a shady part of woods, and past a marsh area.

There were jellyfish everywhere up and down the beach. These were very interesting looking, not at all like the grayish pinkish one with tentacles that stung me. They were more like big blobs of jelly … and a girl nearby was flipping them over with her foot. 🙂


David & Bethany enjoying their shades on a very bright, sunny day. 😉

something like 5 hours later we left the beach feeling rather burnt. Some in our family really don’t burn. A few can apply their sunscreen and leave with a good tan. I on the other hand – I burn. I burn very quickly and very easily. My last trip to the beach I came back raving about my new homemade sunscreen which worked wonders for a week at the beach. And yet somehow I managed to come away looking like a lobster this time. I learned my lesson {yet again}, this time carelessly rubbing on a small amount … and trying to make up for it later with a second application, by which time it was too late and I was beyond fixing.

I know none of us look very pink in the picture… but I’m looking horrible today.

Late afternoon we grabbed our clothes and changed at the park. Off to a nice seafood restaurant nearby where we had made reservations for a special Mother’s Day dinner with the family.

{Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but I went to a seafood restaurant and ordered one of about 4 things on the menu that wasn’t seafood. ;-)}

Thanks to Jonathan for taking the picture … he is the only one missing here.

And then guess what?! While we waited for the sun to set we took over pretty much all of Starbucks and enjoyed frappuccinos.

Then off we went to a really pretty lookout behind a restaurant and general store {almost like a little market area} to watch the sun set over the boat docks. There were a couple guys working on their boat down there, and some couples came down to snap photos. We stood on the big deck that heads down to the boat docks and watched millions of tiny fiddler crabs running around the mud area, and examined all the oysters while talking about pearl farms. 😉

This is right about when I started really feeling the pain of sunburn. Pain like “don’t anyone touch me or rub something up against me.”My knees got it the worst {bright red and sensitive to the lightest touch}, followed closely by my legs, arms, neck and face.

Ah, but there is that secret ingredient that I discovered 2 beach trips ago that I shared about on this blog last Summer … remember? The only problem was, I had to wait 5 hours until we could get home {trust me, you don’t want to apply it just prior to a 4 1/2 hour car trip}.


We got home after midnight {would you believe that I slept the entire drive home? It’s rough sleeping on a van bench for 4 1/2 hours, but when you’re sitting between 2 brothers who have blankets and book bags and pillows … you find places to wedge your pillow in, shoulders to lean on, etc… }. 🙂

And when we got home I pulled out a bowl of Apple Cider Vinegar and started rubbing it all over my legs, arms, face and neck. It’s a rather messy {and not so lovely smelling} job. I actually used a little basting brush from the kitchen drawer to “paint” it on which made it much easier and mess-free. 5 minutes later it’s no longer wet on the skin. I rinsed off before bed for the sake of a few sisters who especially abhor all things apple cider vinegar related. And then this morning {actually, it was 9 am :-o} I woke up and reapplied the vinegar followed by some very soft coconut oil {practically melted} mixed with some peppermint and lavender essential oil.

{Note: I don’t usually recommend applying oil to a burn in the first 24 hours, as it traps in the heat. However, this morning I chose to apply the coconut oil and essential oils right after a vinegar application, even though I could still feel some heat on the areas that were especially bad. It is my experience that this has been helpful before and is already making a different for me now.}

Loveliness! No pain. I am telling you, after the vinegar application it’s almost like all the heat that was radiating from the skin is gone. It cools off right away, although the heat comes back after it has soaked in. And for those who have asked or are wondering, it does not hurt at all to apply the vinegar to a sunburn. Quite the opposite – it is cooling, soothing, reduces the heat and the pain. I slept the whole night and woke up feeling like most of the heat had left {with the exception of my kneecaps and part of my face which got the worst of it}.

This is the stuff I tried on day 3 last Summer and found immediate pain relief with. I’ve been going all day today with just a little sensitivity to my knees, from my skirt constantly rubbing against it while I walk.  Wow. It’s like 999 times better than my last real sunburn. I’m not even really suffering with this one! 🙂

Mother’s Day was a pretty incredible adventure. It was a crazy day mixed with heat, wind, sunshine & water. We laughed, took pictures, picnicked on the beach, saw new sights and examined God’s beautiful creation. We celebrated our mom – our special virtuous mom who so beautifully exemplifies Christ in her daily life as she serves her husband and children and the people around her. We made memories together. We spent time together as a family.

I ❤ that.



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