Morning Work

It’s the perfect day for a little yard and garden work…

These guys {with the addition of one other not pictured} worked on a few front natural areas/gardens that needed serious weeding! The mower came out of the shed so we could collect various tools and the wagon.

A walk through the vegetable garden to make sure all is well {these bean plants are loving all the rain and sunshine + wonderful healthy mulch}!

I worked in the orchard and herb gardens, weeding, planting and replanting {moved 3 sections of Calendula to an area where I put in a bunch more last week, as they are doing better there with more sunshine}.  These are some of the weeds Josiah and I collected {including a few varieties that resemble grass or like to crawl their way along the surface rooting nicely into the ground}.IMG_2703

Jonathan, working on one of the front gardens.

And this… yes, this would be the iced coffee {rather, frappuccino} that my amazing brother made for me some time after we came in from outdoor work. So here I am typing away…  getting as much work completed as possible before a week away with family … and enjoying this deliciousness!

Enjoy this lovely day! 🙂


One thought on “Morning Work

  1. Few things are better than sipping on a delicious cool beverage after working outside! 🙂 You’ll have to teach me some of your gardening tips! We’re hoping to move into a house soon and I want to build a raised bed to garden from 🙂

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