The Herb Garden

Good morning!

Today I thought I’d give you a quick tour of my herb garden! These pictures are from about a week ago and most of the plants are now in full bloom, so more pictures to come later on {and perhaps a short video}. 🙂


Hyssop {Cutting from a friend’s herb garden last year}


A few of 70 something Calendula plants {started from seed this year} – these are annuals so I re-plant every year.


The one and only Sage plant that survived, of  several I started from seed last year._MG_1191


Yarrow – there’s an abundance of these little guys planted in 2 sections of the orchard. Last year they grew a little bit and then stopped … this year they shot up in height and have begun to crawl and flower!


A baby comfrey plant – one of the seedlings I put in last week._MG_1218

My big comfrey plant from last year. Harvested some of this lovely stuff last Summer and dried it for use in my products later on. Can’t wait to begin harvesting this year!_MG_1201

Chives … a welcome addition to the guys’ omelettes on Wednesday and Saturday. 🙂_MG_1204


Feverfew – great stuff for migraines and headaches! This one started from a cutting from a friend’s garden last year. It’s starting to take over and crowd out some of the other surrounding plants. Time to take cuttings!



Self-heal – also from last year!_MG_1185


Lemon Balm – my next tea in the making. 🙂



Marshmallow … this one started out as a tiny plant last year from the herb festival. It’s grown significantly in size since I found it withering at the surface of the soil this Spring and began coaxing it “back to life”_MG_1166

Arnica. This is the first of 2 plants I put in from the herb festival last year. This Spring I separated the 2 into 13 total plants, and this one has already begun to multiply again with little shoots coming out all around and nearby.


St. John’s Wort … beginning to crawl across the garden



Lavender – from last year. The seedlings I planted this year are coming along slowly but surely and will probably be moved from pot to ground in the next week or two.


Mint … mmm … delicious stuff, especially for making iced sweet tea on a hot Summer day!


Chamomile, beginning to flower




A happy little dandelion I found in our front yard in one of the gardens._MG_0399

Plantain, 1 of the only surviving plants I put in last year. There are about 100 other seedlings that I just put into the ground last week. Can’t wait for an abundant harvest this year!

And that’s the majority of what I’m growing. There are of course hundreds of little seedlings here and there and everywhere that aren’t very picture-worthy at the moment. My catnip is crawling across the orchard {still in its pot from last year} near the blueberries – I never really had a purpose for it and so I never got around to moving it out of the pot LOL! 😉 Echinacea plants are growing in pots in our vegetable garden, not quite ready to be planted.

More pictures to come as these lovely plants begin to bloom, and harvest season arrives.

It’s a great day to have a great day!


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