A Week In Review

It’s the end of another big, productive week! It’s been rather crazy here, preparing for an exciting week ahead … friends, fellowship and encouragement  + pictures! 🙂 But for now, here are a few pictures from this week.

Kaleidoscope Art Festival in town. This vendor hand makes wooden castles and other neat structures. Now that is talent! 

Walking through our little town…

Sometime mid week  I received this box full of bath fizzies, from Miss Moonmaker! I won a giveaway she did, {with Garland Goat Soap of Vermont}. Tiny Tim was the first to try one out, after I convinced him to put the peppermint one in his bath. Love these things, and since I don’t take baths they will make great gifts! 🙂

Just for the record, bath fizzies sure are fun to dissolve in the tub! There is a reason they call them fizzies. 😉

These 2 little guys can sometimes be found playing around on google earth or looking at world maps. Fun stuff!

Fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies {I also made chocolate chip}, sweetened with coconut sugar and agave {no white sugar!}. Recipe coming soon!    

Thursday afternoon I had a friend over to help move a big mulch pile in our orchard! We moved several wheelbarrow loads to the edge of a smaller oval garden in our front yard, on top of newspaper {to keep down the weeds and prevent grass from growing where Jonathan re-shaped the garden}. The rest we spread across the orchard and throughout the herb gardens.


Grateful for the 30 something truck loads of mulch that have been delivered to our yard for FREE, since we started mulch gardening in the Fall of 2012. We are enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables like never before! 🙂 {Quite literally… have you heard our past attempt-at-gardening stories?} 😉

First harvest from my herb garden this year! Feverfew flowers are coming in abundantly {and just one day later they are nearly ready to be harvested again … small flowers left behind are quickly maturing]! Last year’s harvest is dried and tucked away but I intend to make something from these soon!

Thanks to a dear friend’s request {and reminder} I pulled a past project off the shelf and finished it! Just finished making several QR codes, some of which will be included in future printing projects! 🙂Some of you may remember Ruth from this post on the blog last Fall. She was one of the girls on a team I led at homeschool conference many years back. We were privileged to have her come through one evening this week, on her way back home from Bible school. Pizza and Settlers of Catan! Fun! 🙂

Other highlights from this week include planting lettuce, tying up cucumber vines, harvesting lettuce, green beans, collard greens, and boc choi … packing {for an upcoming trip}, baking, babysitting {my cousin’s sweet little girls}… running errands, attending appointments, teaching school… filling orders, cramming in 2 weeks-worth of office tasks … and much much more!


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