Highlights …

I’ve been quiet for a reason… and let’s just say that June has been pretty amazing so far! I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the new month, than having friends from Kansas and New York arrive, for 6 days of total happiness! 🙂

Bethy {my little sister, the youngest girl} graduated from high school on Saturday. Graduations are pretty fun in our household, because they’re special … everyone in the family prepares something to share {some fun stories, memories, and a few words of blessing and charge to the graduate}, we show pictures, prepare special music, and have times of prayer and blessing. Then on to food and fellowship with all the dear ones that come to share in on the celebration. This was the occasion for special out-of-town guests … we had planned it so that our dear friends from KS would already be in TN at the homeschool conference, and would have only a short 8 hour drive to our home {rather than the usual 20 from KS}. 😉


Teamwork in the garden … weeding, watering, tying up cukes and tomatoes, and harvesting an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables! IMG_3529


Many discipleship projects … including building a small wooden table and a bow and arrow with Tiny Tim.


The guys spent some time working on David’s van, replacing a few parts.IMG_3462

They also worked hard to keep David’s bakery running, and many of us had the joy of helping out with bakery runs and food prep.IMG_3596

National Donut Day! Free donuts at Krispy Kreme – 13 of us went along, including a fun stop at Goodwill {between our families we pretty much adore thrift store finds} and REI {outdoor adventure store!}…



We took advantage of late nights to play every group game we knew how to play … four on a couch, signals/signs, skadoodle, a fun guess-what-i-am game, and many others.IMG_0862

Selfie, just minutes before all the guests arrived for graduation night. 🙂IMG_3701

All the girls {with the exception of our moms}IMG_3703

Missing a few guys …IMG_3865

4 on a couch …obviously the hat team is losing here, but we actually won that first round!IMG_0872

Some pretty incredible tools… 😉IMG_0893


The guys IMG_0920

In height order … with the exception of the photographer. 🙂IMG_3919

Sisters … on the last morning.IMG_3873

IMG_0907Okay, I feel like Joy and I look a lot alike in this picture …

Ah, but that’s just a small part of our week. Football, board games, puzzles, food, fellowship, early mornings, long walks {or how about a jog through the neighborhood that turns into something more like sprinting?}, bike rides, outings, and much more! Ah, I love these people. They are such a special and very important part of our lives, thanks to a connection that only God could plan, 1 year ago this month. You may have seen pictures from their first visit this past Christmas.

Check out all our favorite pictures from the week here.

Meanwhile, the garden has been busily producing fresh vegetables and fruits … I’m drying my 3rd harvest of herbs … and one week from today I’ll be talking on one of my favorite subjects in town. Come join me at Created in the Carolinas, where I sell my products!

Read more about that here. Join the Facebook event here.

Hope you’re enjoying this incredible day! 🙂


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