We’ve Been Busy … 

Good morning! It’s a beautiful Wednesday here, and so far I’ve helped prepared a delicious birthday meal for my mom {who celebrated her birthday on the 17th with a family day trip to the mountains !!} and drove our van to the shop for a few repairs before upcoming travels!

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesdays, and FIVE DAYS since I posted the lemon cookie recipe. Today I thought I’d share some pictures from the past week or two … life as it is. 🙂

Morning exercise with the family … a few go running, a few go biking.  😉

A fun outing with little brother #3 … off to the grocery store for some ingredients to make a special dinner on parent’s date night! And … that would be another sister’s sunglasses that he’s borrowing. 😉

Family outing to the REI outdoor store, for their big garage sale event – this is where returned items and rental items are sold for half the price {or less}. How about sorting through tables of everything imaginable, while pushing your way through a traffic-jam of people, and then finishing off the day with some great deals and frosted lemonade?! 🙂 

Yup … so we bought outdoor clothing for an upcoming backpacking trip {several of the guys}, hiking boots {the girls}, and a travel checkers set {Tiny Tim}.

The garlic harvest came in … talk about an abundance! I used 30-something cloves of fresh homegrown garlic and an abundance of fresh cucumbers to make dill pickles! Yum! 🙂 ❤

We attended an evening birthday party celebration for Isaac {our cousin’s husband}. Everything was put together very nicely … I love some of the ideas she used off of Pinterest!  

Chamomiles and feverfew – they look very much alike, but have their own amazing benefits. I’ve been harvesting these two for several weeks now. This is a picture of chamomile – the flowers are larger than feverfew.

Fresh chocolate chip cookies – baked for dear friends.

Keeping up with the harvest … every other day we bring in a bowl overflowing with cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, collard greens, blackberries, and summer squash! Loving our mulch garden and the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables we have enjoyed so far!

Fresh blackberries  – so incredibly sweet and juicy – from our garden!

The first of the calendula flowers to bloom. Hoping and praying for an abundant harvest this year! Having collected a large bag of flowers from 2 plants last year {experimenting}, I went ahead and planted 70-something of them this year. 🙂 

I love it when someone tags along to be my garden helper. This little farmer is usually near by if there’s something to collect from the garden. ❤

A rather large bowl of rather large cucumbers … to add to our ever-expanding collection in the refrigerator. This is the day I laid everything else aside and MADE PICKLES! 🙂

One afternoon we went to a nearby high school and played tennis with some friends. Rather, they picked back up on their lessons of 10 years ago, while we Stelzls chased balls around the court … over the fence … and down the road … 😉

Nevertheless, it was a blast, and we finished off the 90-something degree afternoon with soda and juice from our favorite little bulk food store in town.

Fresh pickles – smaller experimental batch made that same morning, using a new recipe from a friend. And after tennis we went home and sampled the first jar. Mmmmmm! 🙂

And… last but not least, a few pictures from our day trip to the NC mountains – June 17th – in celebration of my mom’s birthday!! How about swimming in rivers tucked away off mountainous roads, picnicking, hiking, playing football, and just being together as family?! ❤

Enjoy this lovely day!! 🙂


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