Frankincense | The Bug Bite Eraser

It’s a beautiful gray, cool day – very much like our lovely 4th of July started off. 8:15 am and while the rest of the house is unusually quiet for this hour of the day, I’m getting ready to head off on morning errands. I mentioned last week that I had been battling a stomach virus of some sort, after coming home from our friends’ wedding in VA. Unfortunately it’s still making it’s rounds, and a few of us are going on something like 8 days now – and still awaiting full recovery.

I’m excited about sharing a few pictures from Independence Day, and also a little glimpse of what’s been going on around here {between sleep, rest, and power naps 😉 …} , but today I thought I’d share a tip on Frankincense.


On the 4th some friends invited us over for a cookout, fellowship, and games, before fireworks in town. We had a blast! Of course with warm Summer days there are bugs – and plenty of them! I came indoors from a game of horseshoes, with over a dozen swollen bug bites on my arms and legs. My friend pointed out that she uses Frankincense essential oil on bug bites, and gave me some to try. I rubbed the oil generously over the bug bites and immediately the itching and pain decreased significantly, to the point that I hardly noticed at all.

We ate dinner, drove into town for fireworks, played at the park, walked around town … the rest of the evening was amazing. I never thought about those bug bites again! When we got home at 10:30 pm I noticed that all of the swelling had gone down – completely! There were only small red circles where the bites had been, and they didn’t really itch or hurt at all. I reapplied frankincense, and again the following morning.

Problem solved!

Talk about something that works quickly and effectively! Frankincense is now on my list of solutions for bug bites… along with my favorite Bug Bite Salve that is!

You can purchase high quality, organic frankincense essential oil in my shop!

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