Independence Day

Good morning!

Just thought I’d start this glorious day off  by sharing a few pictures from our 4th of July. A special thanks to our dear friends whom we met earlier this year, for having us over for food, fun and fellowship – before the fireworks!

Fresh blueberries and *sweet* coffee {aka a cup of good morning} with breakfast … ❤

Some of us girls took advantage of the late morning hours, to visit a few stores about 20 minutes away. Mother-daughter shopping is becoming more and more difficult to arrange {due to busy schedules}, but always a fun treat!

Usually we visit Elisabeth’s grave sometime on the morning of the 4th {Elisabeth is the oldest of 6 siblings that are in heaven – she was still-born 19 years ago on the 4th, with Anencephaly … a birth defect wherein the brain and skull are not complete}, but this time there were several sick in bed and another suffering from a knee injury – wanting to rest his leg as much as possible.

Delicious watermelon for the cookout – this was one of the largest watermelons I’ve ever seen! We also made Creamy Lemon Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake and Chocolate Cheesecake {oh yes, there were leftovers}.

Visiting with friends – Tiny Tim enjoys the porch swing

Luke and Cassandra graciously taught Jonathan and I how to play horseshoes – a game we’ve never played and have a *very long way* to go with … 😉

Mr. S grilled some amazing hotdogs and burgers. 🙂

David, enjoying the warm Summer afternoon … with some delicious southern sweet tea!!

{Photo by Cassaundra}IMG_7645

{Photo by Cassaundra}

Determination paid off… the guys did better than the girls…  :-0IMG_7663

{Photo by Cassaundra}IMG_7675

{Photo by Cassaundra}

Sometime after 7pm we left the house and headed into town for fireworks. Several from our family went home early {2 had already been in bed  all day due to sickness}. This left myself, and 3 of our guys + the majority of the S family.IMG_7680

{Photo by Cassaundra}


{Photo by Cassaundra}

And then … someone came up with the brilliant idea to pass time {we had about 2 hours} by walking to the other end of town to visit the park and the bulk food store {Provisions has amazing soda … just saying!}. 🙂IMG_7696

{Photo by Cassaundra}

The guys made the most of the playground … Cassaundra and I watched all their belongings. I never did persuade her to go down the slide with me. 😉  

With Brittany and Cassaundra 🙂

On our way  back through town to the field, we got stuck on the wrong side of the train tracks … which made for the super fun experience of watching  the train go by – literally *right there*.

The show was pretty fun … I thought it was more amazing in some past years. But for a once-a-year-experience, I always love a fireworks show.

Happy Independence Day! 🙂


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