Essential Oils: Side Effects and Long Term Results

Warning: possible Side effects may include symptom relief, symptom prevention, and/or long term healing.

“I was on two different prescriptions to deal with my migraines – one to reduce the pain and one to prevent the migraines (which were almost an every day occurrence) – and the Headache oil has been a lifesaver! 🙂 Since I started using it regularly I have been able to wean off of both medications! I do still get headaches, but overall the improvement has been incredible and I love that I’m no longer on any prescriptions to deal with my migraines! Sarah is definitely my go-to source for all my natural remedies!” – Kate


Earlier this year I wrote about how I used essential oils to overcome terrible seasonal allergies, that I battled for most of my life. Today I hardly ever get allergies, and when I do the symptoms are usually much milder – not to mention I know to quickly pull out my allergy oil blend … and problem solved!


{Outdoor work projects are a highlight of mine … and all the more when I can work around mulch, dust & dirt … without persistent allergy symptoms}. ❤

It’s amazing how many people have shared with me that over the course of weeks, months, years the symptoms not only subside but sometimes become almost non-existent.

Long term solutions. Healing. Much more than a symptom reliever …

This is one of my greatest goals! I hope to encourage others to understand some of the basics – to know how to take something like an essential oil, as it was created by God {pure and naturally occurring in nature} and use it – not just for temporary symptom relief, but ultimately for long-term healing of the body.

Testimony’s like Kate’s encourage me … the fact that she is no longer relying on her migraine medications, rather using something mild, gentle, and powerful – that God created, and that works effectively with the body rather than against it.


Or how about this powerful testimony from Joshua, a little friend of mine who is 7 now? I relate to his story personally, and hearing the results of his experience with my Breathe oil blend was a fresh reminder of why I do what I do, day after day – because I know how huge it is to be free … to be able to breathe without depending on a nebulizer or prescription inhaler!


“I bought your Breathe Oil at a show last September, after talking to you about my 6-year old son’s severe asthma. At the time he was using his nebulizer on a frequent continual basis, usually in the evenings before bed. I started rubbing this blend on his chest every night before bed, regardless of whether or not he was experiencing any symptoms. It has now been almost 9 months and my little boy has used his nebulizer maybe 1-2 times since I started using the Breathe Oil. You saved my son! Thank you so much for your incredible, safe healing products!” – Rebekah

The more I learn about essential oils, the more I grow to love them. What a blessing it is to have them available for our use, day after day. They are so readily and easily available! While it may have been difficult to find the “right” ones for my family, the research and time I have put into obtaining pure, high quality and effective oils  is far outweighed by the healing benefits I, my family, and hundreds {perhaps thousands} of others I know have received from them.


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