Sunshine Camp: Part 2 {Dr. Emmie}

Dr. Emmie, come fix my broken toe!


{Photo by Amanda Mueller, Higher Ground Ministry Mission}

Her sweet, energetic voice rose just above the noise of 20-something excited girls all rushing here and there in the girls’ bunk house. Some were preparing for bed, waiting in line for showers, brushing hair, scrubbing teeth, working on Scripture memory verses, chatting with a friend or leader …

Where to find a quiet corner – some space to be out of everyone else’s way, I wondered.

I couldn’t help but smile when I heard her say that name – Dr. Emmie. It’s Julianne’s special name for me, but somehow it got around to more than a few. Word spreads quickly at camp.

I love what I do. Maybe I don’t get to save lives like Brystol or Tim, when they head away from home on the ranch to be somebody’s second chance {EMT … they have some pretty incredible stories btw!} … and yet, there are few things that give me greater joy than being able to identify a patch of wild plantain in the backyard, and rub the leaves on a little boy’s bee sting; to watch tears dissolve when pain is relieved…

And the incredible thing is that it’s a part of my everyday life – with anyone, any place, at anytime.


When sweet Julianne first asked me to “fix” her broken toe just hours after I arrived at camp on Saturday, I knew I’d be helping others throughout the week … but honestly I was surprised at just how many people {a large majority the volunteer leaders!}can get themselves into injuries, or scrapes of some sort – in so short a time. 😉

It was a cucumber that helped little Jack one morning, when he came in with a swollen eye.

When I {and another gal} stepped on a bee during water activities, it was Frankincense Essential Oil that brought immediate pain relief afterward, although swelling persisted … note to self – a prompt application of Sore Muscle Salve and Deep Healing Oil {along with the Frankincense} would have worked wonders to avoid the portion of swelling on my foot that lasted for several days.

It was Frankincense that I gave to one of the staff guys {and later on several others} for persistent bug bites. I may be slightly biased, but it seems to be one of the best bug bite remedies I’ve found so far.

Another staff gal used Sore Muscle Salve on her bug bite and found it very helpful and soothing.

A patch of plantain in the yard proved helpful to one little guy who had a bee sting on his leg – along with some Deep Healing Oil and Healing Salve that I had in my pocket.

Headache Oil got passed around to a couple who had headaches, or were having trouble sleeping…

Allergy Oil was a favorite for several who didn’t do as well around the animals … Mr. Coy {the sweet man who brought in a bunch of these kids through his church} got his hands on it one morning through my brother, and commented on how amazing it was {fast-acting, and helpful for his allergies}.

And… of course every morning and evening, I found an empty corner or floorboard to re-bandage Julianne’s broken toe – with Sore Muscle Salve and Deep Healing Oil.

One morning we worked quickly as teams to gather large quantities of tall weeds from the garden – in hopes of being the first group to head through the breakfast line! After our harvest, I noticed that my arms seemed to be slightly irritated – a usual occurrence at home when I’m harvesting squash or cucumbers {anything fuzzy with prickles} – but I brushed it off and continued on with the day’s events. Late morning as we were starting off on a long property-wide activity {the pony express} I noticed that there was an itchy red rash covering my arms. It progressed to the point that I was sure it was poison ivy, and a few more opinions agreed that it looked that way. By noon it had spread to my legs and part of my neck. I was able to get away and clean up while the others ate lunch – some handmade lye soap {by Brystol}, Healing Salve, Sore Muscle Salve and Deep Healing Oil followed. I covered myself in the stuff! Talk about instant relief. No more pain, itching, swelling. From there the rash began to disappear, and the swelling went down. The following day it was completely gone. It wasn’t poison ivy after all … just a reaction to the weeds and the tall grass. 😉

I also learned more about Jewelweed – an herb I’ve heard about so many times but never bothered to use or study much on. Emery {one of the guys at the ranch} showed me the actual plant from the woods, and explained how he boiled the plants down into a juice, to use for poison ivy {which he personally used with success to treat his own poison ivy}. My sister ended up using this on her feet toward the end of the week, when she encountered poison ivy.

So guess what I’m going to be making next? 🙂

I love it.

The simplicity of gathering plants from the woods or the backyard, and using them to soothe inflammation, relieve pain, or bring healing to someone – whether as a symptom reliever or long-term healing solution.


Lesson learned … always be prepared! You can never go wrong in having more than enough {yes, I did run out of things!}. Don’t underestimate the power of God-created plants, full of beneficial healing properties. And if you can’t locate that herb or get your hands on a specific oil … chances are there’s another one that works just as well or may at least be incredibly helpful.


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