DIY Herbal Soak {For Sprains, Breaks and Fractures}

With 9 people around life gets pretty exciting …

We’ve had a surprising number of broken bones, fractures, and sprained fingers/ankles.

In the Fall of 2013 I broke my toe just a little over a week before our 3-day, 19-mile backpacking trip {which I did end up going on!}. Last Christmas I had a foot injury that resulted in a trip to the doctor {the day after Christmas}. One little brother fractured his growth plate last year. And just a few months ago, another brother was recovering from major {major} jaw surgery – during which time we very successfully used a lot of natural remedies to reduce the severity of his symptoms and speed up the healing process.

The exciting part of this story is that we’ve found a favorite way to deal with such injuries. It’s a simple, 3 step method that gets repeated daily.

So… when one of the guys fractured his foot a little over a week ago, he decided to opt for these 3 steps of treatment. And… despite the fact that the doctor is not too pleased with the idea of us using natural remedies to help the healing process, this particular brother is convinced that he’s going to “convert” the doctor when he returns for his next check-up. 😉

1. Herbal Tea/Soak


I use this DEEP HEALING BONE & MUSCLE HERB BLEND – a mixture of herbs that are beneficial in soothing pain, preventing and reducing swelling/inflammation, and quickly healing the break/fracture or area of damage beneath the skin.

2. Essential Oils

“I used this oil on my broken toe. There was a piece chipped off – the doctor was skeptical (and I was seriously doubtful) that it would heal without surgery, but after 6 weeks of frequently applying this oil and wrapping the toe, x-rays have confirmed that it’s completely healed! The oil smells wonderful and the shipping was super fast. Thanks!!” – Brenda


DEEP HEALING ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND is my favorite because it contains helichrysum {which functions a lot like Arnica in that it is ideal for bruising, swelling, inflammation, etc. although it is much more powerful because it is in the form of an essential oil}, peppermint and wintergreen {which cool and warm to numb pain, increase circulation for faster healing, and reduce swelling/inflammation}, and a variety of other great herbal essential oils that quickly and effectively bring healing to deeper issues, such as bone and muscle related injuries.

This {or other essential oils of your choice} can be rolled on several times daily {when doing the soak, it is best to apply the oils after you have finished soaking.

3. Herbal Salve

“My sister was over at my house a couple of weeks ago & was complaining of a bad headache, probably stress related. So, I rubbed some of the Sore Muscle Salve on her temples & back of her neck. Within a few minutes she started to relax & feel better. I’ve used it for my nervous tension headaches with good results but wasn’t sure it would work for her, but it did! great stuff! In addition to my Fibromyalgia (This stuff really does help me, especially at night when I can’t sleep because of the aches and pains) I also have Morton’s Neuromas on both feet, so I rub some on the balls of my feet & it really diminishes the pain. Thanks so much! I do want to order some as Christmas gifts & more for myself!” – Claire


SORE MUSCLE SALVE and HEALING SALVE are 2 that I use together, along with the essential oil blend after I’ve completed a tea/soak. Together these salves contain comfrey {the bone-knitter herb which is excellent for binding up what is broken/damaged}, plantain {anti-inflammatory and reduces itching, swelling and irritation}, chamomile & lavender {calming and soothing}, arnica {the #1 herb on my list for bruising, swelling & inflammation}, and other herbs and essential oils that successfully address many of the root issues behind bone and muscle related injuries.

These can be rubbed on with the essential oils several times daily {preferably after a soak and other times throughout the day}.

In most cases it is best to keep some type of support on a hand, arm, foot, ankle, etc. injury – whether a bandage wrap, ace wrap, or even a brace. It can prevent further injury, and help ease the pain of unintentional movement by holding it in place.

In this post I’m going to show you how to prepare the herbal soak {for an injured foot, ankle, arm, or hand…}. It’s simple and very easy! And these 3 steps when repeated 1-2 times daily {for up to a few weeks depending on the injury} can speed up the healing/recovery process and reduce the severity of some of the symptoms.

Step 1: Choose Your Herb Blend

{This is my favorite blend for our family}

Measure out what you will need into a glass bowl. Depending on the size of the injury you may need more or less. For a fractured foot I use between 1 and 2 cups of herbal blend. For an ankle slightly more might be required as the water level in the bowl will need to be higher and I do not want to dilute the strength of the tea. For a hand or smaller injury a little less will suffice.

Note: This tea will last for more than one treatment. I will often complete a soak and then save the tea in a bowl to use again. Make fresh tea every few treatments, or after 2 days.

Step 2: Prepare the tea by adding hot water.

Pour enough water over the leaves to cover them. You will want to add some cold water later on so that the temperature is tolerable without waiting for it to cool completely.

Step 3: Steep the tea

Place a plate or towel or covering over the bowl and allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes {or longer}. The longer it sits, the stronger the tea will be.

Step 4: Strain the herbs off

Collect the tea in a pot or bowl and save or discard the herbs {some prefer to use the leaves again, although this will make a weaker tea}.

And… you have your tea!

Step 5: Soak the injury

It’s time to add some cold water to your tea and soak the injured area. Add just enough water to cover the area – toe, foot, ankle, etc. You want to keep the tea as strong as possible.

{In this case, he fractured the bone just above his little toe.}

A good soak should last at least 30 minutes. When I injured my foot at Christmas time I let my foot soak for 45 minutes to 1 hour while I played a game with friends.

You can do this soak 1-2 times daily, for as long as it takes for the injury to heal. Essential oils and herbal salves are highly recommended along with it. These are the 3 things our family has found most effective in quickly healing a bone/muscle related injury.



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