The Little Things | 8.4.15

It’s another great week! I can’t believe how quickly the Summer is flying by … so much excitement. And the better part of it = little things. A family trip into town, a few very productive hours in the garden, a little time spent with siblings … and something delicious baked up for brunch one morning.

There’s a fun little store in town called Provisions that sells “bulk” foods and also supports local businesses and entrepreneurs {by reselling their handmade items}. David has sold his fresh baked goods there for a while now, but recently started a part time job in their new little cafe/restaurant! On opening day we all went down to try out the build-your-own sandwiches, and see David at his first day on the job.

And… a couple of us joined many others in signing the wall. 🙂

I love this little store 🙂

And… one morning when our van was in the shop, I got to try the fizzy berry hibiscus refresher at Starbucks, while waiting for Costco to open {so that I could do the grocery shopping while one sister ran another errand}.

Oh yeah … and I had a BLAST in the garden one afternoon, catching up on like {ahem} several months worth of weeding. What made my day was the fact that a very dear friend {and family} called while I was working, and we all chatted for about 1 of the 2 hours that I was working. It made the project twice as fun, and the work went faster!

A few of us are busily preparing for our upcoming Adirondacks backpacking trip!! This will be David’s second time, Dad’s 3rd time, and a first for Beth and I. Plus, we love a good reason to work out a little more. 🙂

Sibling outing to the health food store = healthier cream soda and fizzy peach juice for a fun treat!

This happy little spider kept me company in the garden one afternoon. Rather, it took me by surprise while I was weeding out a particularly overgrown area of melons … 😉

And… that same day that I was weeding the garden, a friend called and invited us to go ice-skating with them {and their 2 guests whom we’ve been wanting to meet for a very long time!}. So, a few minutes later, 4 of us jumped into the car and went off for a fun outing!

We’ve been taking advantage of these lovely Summer mornings to do some family workout at a fairly local park – in preparation for the Adirondack Mountains backpacking trip next month. Hiking and biking!

Saturday morning we had a special guest from several hours away. She found our blog, reached out to us about a conference we were attending {that she also planned on attending, although it didn’t work out this year}, and from there we invited her to come for a weekend! We had a delicious brunch, walked around town and visited a few fun shops, and then went to the Billy Graham Library {3 of the girls} + pizza and ice cream and a movie in the evening!

{At Provisions, the bulk food store where David sells his baked good and works part time}

{At the Billy Graham Library}

{On the way home from church, Sunday}

A lovely morning at the park … hiking the trails with Bethy

And… more hiking… 🙂

{Filling an order one morning}

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

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