Back to Eden – Growing Things God’s Way

I’ve put a lot on this blog about gardening. There’s always something new in the garden that I can’t help posting pictures of. Things fresh and green and alive … growing and producing fresh fruits and vegetables. I love it!


And a lot of you know that it wasn’t until Fall of 2012 that we learned about a “new”, successful gardening method – one that we were inspired to try through a free online video that I stumbled across and shared with my family. And it all makes perfect sense – especially now that we’ve been gardening this way for 3 years and are continually amazed at how much better it gets with each passing year!



So today I wanted to share this video clip with you. The full length film is pretty long but so worth watching! My brother David spent many late evenings on the phone with the guy behind it all {who lives in WA and only happened to have evening hours available to talk lol :-)}, learning how to make it happen effectively – here at our home. And that was after our family watched it three times. We were fascinated by it … and there was a lot to take in after watching the full video! 🙂





Back to Eden gardening was one of the best decisions we made. After years and years and years of trying to grow things + getting mixed results + only ever really succeeding at 2-3 of the “grow-without-fail” vegetables … we are actually getting fresh vegetables and fruits and herbs! It is amazing! So worth the initial effort of watching the video, getting the mulch, and spreading layers over the garden. Within a couple of years you will begin to see things transform. 🙂 And now that we are looking back, it really makes a lot of sense.


I believe that God cares about even the smallest things – like planting lettuce for our families. Many times in life I think we settle for good results when we can have better/best results. And I love how Paul Gautschi digs into the Word of God and shares the truths of Scripture while he explains how to practically grow things – in a way that He believes is God’s better way, from the beginning.


I’d love to know what you think. Have you experimented with mulch gardening and found it successful? If you’re interested or just getting started, press on … I’m sure you will find it a huge blessing, as we have!


5 thoughts on “Back to Eden – Growing Things God’s Way

    • We have been blessed! We starting contacting local companies that do a lot of tree work and they put us on their list to come dump mulch here. It can be slow going though, depending on how much work is being done in your area.


  1. The difference between mulch gardening and conventional gardening was night and day. Our garden that first year after switching over was so much healthier and productive! We could hardly keep up with our produce!
    If I’m not mistaken, your mother was the one my Mom got the link to the video from! We watched it a few months too late for that years (’12) produce and eagerly looked forward to the following year!
    My Dad has also spent many a late night on the phone with Mr. Gautschi and wrote a book about him and his gardening! It’s got info that the video doesn’t have. 🙂

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