Bug Bite Salve | New Recipe!

Early last week I made up a fresh batch of Bug Bite Salve…only this time I made a few modifications. (1) I increased the Plantain leaf and (2) I added Frankincense essential oil.


Plantain is my #1 favorite herb for bug bites and bee stings. There are a lot of other great herbs that can help reduce swelling, itching, pain and irritation, but Plantain is by far my first choice. You can harvest the wild leaves straight from your backyard and chew them up to apply to a new bee sting or bug bite.

Check out this post on how I used Plantain oil for a mouth injury last year, that resulted in swelling.


Remember this post from shortly after the 4th of July? A dear friend encouraged me to try some Frankincense essential oil on my swollen, itching bug bites – and the results were not only immediate, but amazing!

  • Helps quickly soothe pain, itching and irritation.
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Great for cleansing, and preventing/fighting against infection.
Other Beneficial Ingredients

My Bug Bite Salve also contains Comfrey {binds up cuts and injuries, reduce swelling/inflammation, and soothes pain}, Calendula {a top skin healing herb, pain reducer, and anti-inflammatory}, Lavender buds and essential oil {fights against infection, cleanses, calms and soothes, reduces pain and inflammation}, Clove Bud Oil {fights bacteria and infection, cleanses, soothes pain, reduces inflammation and swelling}, and Rosemary Oil {increases circulation, cleanses, fights infection, stimulates quick healing}.



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