My Blessed Life 8.13.15

It’s not always perfect, but it’s beautiful. Early mornings, dirt & weeds, laundry, messy kitchens, dirty dishes, always one more toy to pick up … but I wouldn’t trade anything for the way one little brother makes me smile when he solves a math problem, or the taste of fresh home-grown tomatoes and the abundance of produce on our counter-top, that I brought in from the garden.

And then there was last night, when I sat on the couch in our family room wrapping up a project … 2 brothers were playing a game of chess nearby, some were sitting just listening to classical music, and there was another game going on at the kitchen table. We were there together – family. And it is a beautiful feeling to be with family and to feel loved.


{Lunch date with my dad… we are working through a book together, and I love the opportunity to spend some quality time with him!}

{The not so healthy side of us looks like this. Yes… it’s a special belated birthday celebration for 2 of our guys, who share the same birthday.}

{Filling orders … and preparing for an Open Air Market in town}

{Open Air Market}  

{fresh tomatoes from our garden}

{Belated birthday celebration for our 2 youngest guys, at the ice-skating rink}

{Fresh Calendula flowers from my herb garden}

{And more…} 

{Yesterday I ripped out most of our garden, that has pretty much expired. The beans, cucumbers, squash and lettuce are all gone. We still have tomatoes coming in, and plenty of melons between the garden and orchard. And a few collard greens.}

It’s a beautiful, blessed, gift-of-a-day. Enjoy it to the fullest! And make this moment count. πŸ™‚


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