Climbing Mountains

We’ve been doing a little climbing of mountains around here … just a bit of preparation for an exciting upcoming trip to the Adirondacks this Fall! {Several of the guys in our family have hiked the Adirondack Mountains but this will be a first for Beth and I.}

2 weeks ago it was Linville Gorge, and last Saturday we set off to Grandfather Mountain. Wow! Can I just say that in all of my years of hiking and backpacking {that would be a lot}, these were two of the most beautiful, scenic trails? And, also just for the record … my favorite kind of hiking includes crawling up boulders on hands and knees, and coming down ladders {because the only other reasonable option is to jump ;-)}… all the while looking out over miles and miles of beautiful scenic mountain ranges.

Here are a few pictures from our hiking adventures … beginning with our Linville hike 2 weeks ago:

The road up to one of the parking areas




{A view of Lake James}

And… moving on to Grandfather Mountain {these are some that our friend Cassaundra took}. Check out all the pictures we took here:











I posted 8 videos from our day here.

And… the workout continues. Looking forward to our great upcoming adventure! Adirondacks, here we come!! 🙂


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