Mabry Mill

We were going to take another day trip to the mountains {Saturday}, and hike one of the Linville Gorge trails … but as it happened one family member’s back wasn’t feeling the best and they wanted to rest up for the big Adirondacks trip {no further injuries needed!}. So … a few of us Stelzl ladies {along with Tiny Tim} took advantage of the beautiful day and set off to visit 2 favorite places that we have not seen in a VERY long time.

IMG_5944 _MG_1454


MANY years ago (10-12) we took a family picture with some dear friends of ours, on this very  part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Just a few feet from this beautiful overlook we found the old gnarly tree with all its low tree branches {perfect for sitting all the little ones on}. sadly, the area around the tree is very overgrown now.


But … we found this other fun tree, great for climbing. And there were some big rocks nearby that we played around on with Tiny Tim.






Mabry Mill – one of our favorite historic sites on this particular portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway, in VA. The Mill itself is very beautiful and old and still working! There are lots of neat little houses and buildings around the property, including these …







We sometimes buy their stone ground grits and buckwheat flour.




Mabry Mill is one of the top most-photographed places on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a pretty amazing place!

And… if you ever go, you HAVE to stop in at the Poor Farmer’s Market which is just a few miles down the road.







Now THIS is a family-sized jar of jam. 🙂




At the Market we bought some dried apples and a fun candy treat to share.

It was a wonderful day filled with fun memories, beautiful scenery, and lovely fresh mountain air. I just love little historical sites like this one … especially when they are tied to sweet memories of my earlier growing up years. ❤


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