Hello September!

It’s another new month! Can you believe it’s already September?? To me, this means that Autumn is right around the corner – my favorite season!! I’m thinking of crunchy colorful leaves, that crisp cool feeling in the air, warm toasty campfires {with s’mores of course!}, and of course all my delicious favorites made with pumpkin, apples, and spices. Mmm!!! I can’t wait!

I’m also reminded that we’re moving into sick season. That’s the not-so-exciting part of Fall. With a family of 9 we tend to get it a little worse off. When one comes down with it, chances are that others will follow … and more than likely the majority of us will catch something and it will linger for weeks … sometimes months.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.56.55 AM


But thankfully we have some of our favorite remedies stocked up in the kitchen for just the occasion.

We’ve learned that it’s best to pull out the Immune Booster Wellness Tea before we get sick {sometimes a dozen pots a day between the 9 of us!} …

It’s not unusual to see {and smell} Organic Wellness Essential Oil diffusing in the kitchen, or one of the bedrooms upstairs …

A little Soothing Vapor Rub or Breathe Balm are our go-to favorites for calming and soothing a cough, congestion, or sore throat {which often signal the beginning of a cold or sickness}.

And of course what would we do without our absolute FAVORITE tea preparation method – our 2 glass French presses! These things are just AMAZING and so simple to use!

The great news is that most of these are on sale this month, along with some other great products! Stock up while you can!



Hello September! ❤


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