The Adirondacks: Part 1

Day 1: South Meadows Parking Area to John’s Brook Lodge | 5.3 Miles

From my backpacking notes … 🙂

“It’s beautiful here – far more beautiful than I imagined. The Adirondack Mountains are huge, and the scenery is like nothing else I’ve seen – like pictures from a book. We drove by waterfalls gushing right out of the cliffs beside us, and people rock-climbing up the sides of steep bald rock faces.


The four of us {Daddy, David, Bethany and I} drove 5 hours from Scranton PA this morning. The rest of the family drove up to New Hampshire for the week, to visit with {friends}. We arrived at the parking lot around 2:45 pm, after driving a long dirt road lined with cars. It’s obviously Labor Day Weekend and the whole world is out here day-hiking lol!


Our hike in was pretty easy – 5.3 miles from the South Meadows parking lot to John’s Brook Lodge {where we refilled our water-bottles and said hello to a few happy campers}, and then another short walk across the river and down the trail to our lean-to. The trail was not especially scenic or difficult, but tomorrow the real mountain-climbing adventures begin!

About 2 miles in we realized that someone had left all of the cheese {and the cookie and oatmeal cream pie David baked for tonight’s dinner} in the cooler, in the car. Apparently everyone thought someone else was responsible for collecting it … looks like we will have to do without about half of 3 lunches this week. I’m hungry just thinking about it. 😛


The lean-to is the way to go! There are a lot of people in the lodge tonight, but we have this quiet little secluded area in the woods to ourselves + an outhouse. Everything is very neat and tidy; the lean-to is swept clean and about chair-height off the ground which makes it ideal for sitting on the edge at dinner time.


For dinner we had freeze-dried Pasta Primavera + hot chocolate. There’s a cool rushing river just down the hill which felt delicious on our tired, sore feet, and provided a nice spot for dinner! The sound of the water trickling over rocks is very peaceful – it brings back fond memories from many past backpacking trips.


We have seen quite a few people head down the trail across the river. It is dark now, but one gal came through asking for directions.

Tomorrow we head up to Bushnell Falls {a short and easy 1.8 mile hike}, and then day hike from there to Mount Haystack. I’m excited about this beautiful, wild place and ready to make the most of our upcoming adventures!


Ready to turn in early tonight! I’m wearing Sore Muscle Salve {just in case I wake up with sore shoulders}, Peppermint Lip Balm, and Peppermint Essential Oil. My congestion is clearing up, and I have only a very little cough, despite eating some dairy and sugar on the way up {a highlight of any trip of course!}. I’m grateful to be feeling so well {especially as yesterday I was wrestling with whether or not I should come on this trip}. God is good to me!”

Part 2


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