Whipped Body Butter is Back!

Whipped Peppermint Body Butter is back … a popular product that comes and goes in the shop {depending on how much time I have on my hands lol}! Last night I went to bed, thinking about two dozen more things I needed to do {and wanted to do} today … and the idea popped into my head – I need to make more body butter! It’s that time of year when I start thinking about gifts … and I absolutely love this stuff because it smells lovely, is the perfect size for an I’m-thinking-of-you gift, and works wonders on all different types of skin – dry, itchy, irritated … or just to moisturize, cleanse, and encourage beautiful, healthy skin.


  • Moisturizes and smooths skin – perfect for dry, chaffed skin
  • A little goes a long way! Rub a small amount on in place of lotion or moisturizing cream
  • Protects the skin from drying out
  • Mild & Gentle – not overwhelming in fragrance
  • Promotes radiant, healthy skin
  • Helps encourage healing of dry, itchy and irritated skin
  • Full of ingredients that are effectively used for treatment of acne, scarring, aging/wrinkles, and skin blemishes.


“I have to tell you how much I have been enjoying the Peppermint Body Butter from the Country Muffin. The cold, snowy weather of this wonderful season often dries and chaps my skin. In addition to this, throughout the winter months, my family and I join the local indoor pool for swimming, and, as would be expected, the high chlorine concentrate adds to the issue. This year however, before diving in, I have been coating my face and hands in Sarah’s Peppermint Body Butter. Following an hour or more of active swimming, my skin has felt soft, smooth, and delightfully moisturized, with no trace of the former dryness. Not only does the butter smell tasty enough to eat, but it is a formula of natural, healthy ingredients that promote a radiant countenance. I am thrilled with this product and look forward to trying others from the Country Muffin. Thank you so much, Sarah!”  ~ Kathryn

And … I’m twice as excited to share this post, because today I created a brand new fragrance!!

Autumn Spice is the same lovely whipped body butter, swirled with Cinnamon, Ginger and Clove essential oils. A light, mild scent that won’t overwhelm you, but still provides a lovely Fall fragrance that lingers a while after you put it on. I know, because I tried some of the leftovers on my face this morning. 🙂



Purchase Peppermint Whipped Body Butter HERE.

Purchase Autumn Spice Whipped Body Butter HERE.

P.S. In case you missed the announcement, check out these new Fall tea blends in the shop – Spiced Chai and Creamy Pumpkin Pie {available for pre-order, shipping next week}!!

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