The Adirondacks: Part 2

Day 2: Mount Haystack | 10.8 miles

“We slept very little last night. I think we all expected that this first night would be rough, but by day 2 we’re usually tired and ready to sleep like a rock. My feet are feeling much better from the cold river soak last night, and some of my herbal salves.






We started off from our leanto late morning, hiking past John Brooke’s Lodge again. About 1.8 miles in we reached Bushnell Falls and set up at Leanto #1, after crossing the river and adventuring up the trail about .3 in search of leanto #2 {Daddy’s preferred from past experiences}. It seems that David stopped about .1 short of finding it, so we settled into leanto #1. Then off on a 4+ mile hike up to Haystack {the 3rd highest peak in the Adirondacks!!}.




Wow! The steep, rocky incline is something along the lines of a little part of Grandfather mountain which we hiked several weeks ago {rather, climbed around on the side of}, but as we got closer to the top the real excitement began. Up and over little Haystack, then up big Haystack.


We ate lunch on top of Little Haystack – beef stick and crackers. The wind was crazy! We had to hold onto everything. There was a time when Bethy and I put our hats away because we needed both hands to climb the rocks and were sure we’d never see our hats again if we didn’t hold them on.


The view from Haystack was breathtaking. If never before, NOW I understand the purpose of such crazy, wild wilderness adventures lol. The 360 degree views and rugged, bald mountain peaks {climbing them = yikes!} made every bit of our 10 mile hike today well worth it all!







Bethany and I are feeling fantastic. However, our feet are SO incredibly sore {blisters}, despite our careful efforts to avoid all injuries. We are a little worried about the next 5 days …



We were more than happy to see camp again at the end of the day. That last 1.8 back up to Bushnell Falls was difficult. I think we were all tired and worn out. Daddy led the team up the trail. No one really said much. We all focused on placing one foot in front of the other and finishing out the home stretch. 🙂


Back at the leanto we took dinner fixings down to the river. Turkey Tetrazinni! This beautiful place continues to amaze me. The foliage is like nothing I’ve ever seen – so many amazing intricate plants growing wild everywhere! Beautiful life – mushrooms, lush green moss, berries, the swamps, birch trees, the little orange lizard we saw on the top of Mount Haystack.

We are warm tonight – so grateful for a breeze coming through despite this warm front. It is supposed to cool down throughout the week.

David is playing beautiful piano music for us from his iPad. It feels like a scene from a story book.”

Part 3


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