Understanding Essential Oils {Online Class}

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU that just a dozen of my favorite essential oils had the potential to solve most of your family’s minor symptoms and health concerns?
ESSENTIAL OILS ARE NOT JUST A BIG CRAZE … they’re revolutionizing the world, one drop at a time.


What are essential oils and what makes them so “essential”? || How are essential oils extracted from a plant and what are the best methods? || How can you tell if an essential oil is truly a pure, essential oil? || What are the deceptive terms used in labeling/packaging? || Are essential oils safe for babies? || Are essential oils safe for use during pregnancy and childbirth? || Is it safe to ingest essential oils? || What are the best methods of application? || What are some good, trustworthy sources to purchase essential oils from? … And more!

Come learn about essential oils – their hidden values, amazing health benefits, and incredible healing results {based off the testimonies of people I’ve personally treated and worked with}.

When: Tuesday November 10th at 7:30 PM

Where: Online {link will be provided closer to the time}

Join the Facebook event here.


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