Activated Charcoal: Why it Should be a “Norm” For Every Home

I guess I’ve always taken it for granted, because I grew up in a home where Activated Charcoal was pretty much a norm. We kept a big glass mason jar on our pantry shelf {and still do}, and whenever a sickness or virus came through the home we’d all put a spoonful in water or juice and drink it up {even the littles had their cups with lids}. 🙂


And just FYI, you can also purchase Activated Charcoal already in capsules {usually at your local health food store or vitamin shop}, which can be much more convenient for internal use {for example when you have the stomach bug and don’t want to make up 50 capsules for the family…}.

We’ll often make a poultice for an ear infection, or if someone has an abscess or a cut that looks infected … and the list goes on.

Charcoal is amazing for detoxifying and cleansing the body … this video explains very well how Activated Charcoal works to actually draw toxins to itself and then eliminate them from the body. I’ve seen and experienced this firsthand all throughout my life {both with myself, my family and friends}.

Perhaps the most memorable is a recent stomach bug that went through out home. In simple terms, it was activated charcoal that did the trick … it literally “eats up” the stomach pain. In all  seriousness, as long as we were faithful to take 5-6 activated charcoal capsules every couple of hours, the symptoms {mainly intense stomach pain and stomach gas} were far less intense, if not altogether eliminated.

Dr. Axe is one of my favorites – I so enjoy watching his videos and learning from him, and I highly recommend that you subscribe to his youtube channel if you’re someone that loves to learn about natural health {whether essential oils, herbs, or just using natural ingredients from your kitchen to help bring healing to you and your family}.


2 thoughts on “Activated Charcoal: Why it Should be a “Norm” For Every Home

  1. I never knew that! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
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    Also, I would love to make a sea shell candle for you, so please check out my store.
    Love in Christ,

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