Medicinal Glue

I had an incident with the edge of a plastic jar, yesterday afternoon. I as attempting to spoon a very stubborn solid ingredient out, and slid my finger along the top rim a little harder than intendedย … the result was a deep angled cut in the side of my finger.

You know those injuries that upon first inspection look like a small paper cut … but as you watch the skin gradually beings to turn pink, then red, as the blood finds its way to the surface and begins flowing out? Yeah, this was one of those … ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was deep – a flap of skin that angled sharply down and in.

And I said to self, “Oh no … {groan}.”

But thank God for powerful healing herbs! Comfrey, one of my favorites = the bone knitter herb, and the “medicinal glue” of damaged/torn/broken skin, bones, etc.

So I grabbed a little Healing Salve, and bandaged it up. Back to work! {This was mid-afternoon on Friday.}

This morning {less than 24 hours later}, I wake up and …wow! It’s totally sealed back together, completely mended. There’s only a faint line where the cut was {in all seriousness, it was small but surprisingly deep}. Oh joy!

I love Healing Salve. I love these powerful healing herbs that God created for our benefit! And I love that I can easily “glue” back together such injuries without a second thought … whereasย it used to take me several days to heal from a tiny paper cut {using this and that cream from the grocery stores}.

A little Healing Salve goes a long way.

You can purchase Healing Salve in my shop.


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