The Adirondacks: Part 3

Day 3: Gothics | 12.6 + Miles

“Our morning started off later than expected. We had hoped to wake up around 5:30 am and head off on our day trip to Gothics. It rained hard during the night but at daybreak it seemed that the worst was over with possible showers and thunder late afternoon. We decided to take our chances and start off toward Gothics. We left around 8:30, following a delicious granola breakfast {delicious as in DELICIOUS … we are having instant oatmeal after tomorrow!}.



With cool morning temperatures and blue skies, we hoped to avoid the late afternoon predicted storms. Gothics is a pretty serious climb {rated the most “exciting” climb of all the peaks}  involving cables and ladders, and we didn’t want to be on the side of the mountain when a storm hit!







Bethy and I took the lead going up the cables. It was rough going on the arms after a while  … the cables stretched one after the other, up long flat {steep} rock faces. And then, we ran out of cables on stretches of rock that should have had cables lol {it’s amazing how powerful the tips of little cedar tree branches are, when you have nothing else to hang on to}. 😉







We were grateful for gray skies and NO rain. After we reached the top of Gothics we hiked to Armstrong where we met John {a meteorologist}. We ended up following him over to Wolf’s Jaw where we took a break to eat lunch {peanut butter and crackers}. John had a container of green grapes that he offered to share with us. We had a really nice conversation with him and took a few pictures before we parted ways, headed down 2 different trails.



Our day ended with a long, steep, rugged downhill hike back to camp. It was very slow going with constant rock-face obstacles to climb over and down.


Every day it seems we encounter something more “exciting” than the previous day 😉 … and yet I keep telling myself that I’ll cross each bridge when I come to it. It’s a huge blessing to be out here with my family … we literally help each other through each part of the Journey. Sometimes it’s just listening to the advice of the one below me, who has already maneuvered the downhill rock-climb … and sometimes it’s exploring an alternative route up the side of a rugged peak because the markings appear to lead up a more dangerous route.







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