I believe a little update is in order… some bits and pieces of our crazy, beautiful past few weeks. I’ve been posting pictures of our Adirondack adventures {more to come for sure!} – but time goes on and here we are moving right on into one of my favorite parts of the year!

September 22nd – for Bethy’s birthday we had mocha-chocolate chip cookies with ice-cream!

Tiny Tim’s pumpkin, Harry. He kept it safely on the porch swing for several weeks, because one of the dogs put a few teeth marks in it.

Part of my display at Created in the Carolinas.

Filing orders …

And making more products.

I am officially selling my products at another store in town!

Blue skies, after 2 weeks of rain. Oh JOY!

And … here goes my first attempts at furniture remodeling {with chalk paint fyi}. I picked up a book shelf/display case from a thrift store, to hold my products at the new store in town. The only problem being that it was wood, and needed to fit the Shabby Chic look…

Yeah, I know. WOW! Scary. :-0

Cream and blue … with distress marks on the edges and sides, etc. I ❤ it. 🙂

Immune Booster Wellness Tea in the making …

Shrink-wrapping whipped body butters.

Family day trip to the beautiful NC mountains, to enjoy the leaves and cool weather. Hiking + driving the Blue Ridge Parkway + picnicking + a family photoshoot = fun!

An afternoon at the park with 3 little brothers and 1 mama. ❤

Fishing {the boys} + napping on the dock {me} + sister-brother time on the climbing wall and workout course {yeah, I joined them lol}!

The Lord has blessed us ABUNDANTLY with more mulch – after a long season of waiting and needing more for our gardens and orchard! Five truck loads this week, and counting… 😀

A sisterly outing last Saturday, to Cabela’s outdoor store. Our FIRST time in a Cabela’s, thanks to the brand new one about 35 minutes away from home. Btw, the handgun selection is pretty amazing. I have decided I could like this place better than the Bass Pro Shop, in some ways. 🙂 And also, fyi, I absolutely *despise* the sunglasses I’m wearing in this picture {even if I do think camo is fun}. The end.



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