A Fresh Perspective

I love a fresh new look … and that’s why I’m excited about the changes I’ve been working on with my blog and store this past week.

Thanks to an amazing 3-part video series I’ve been watching by Michael Hyatt, I’m learning how to better identify what my core mission is, and how to effectively communicate my message to the world.

I know what I do and why. But sometimes it’s difficult to relay that effectively to people in another town, or state or country … and this past week I stumbled across Michael Hyatt’s series and started watching. Let me tell you, there is no turning back. His short 30 minute videos blew me away!


I have so far to go. But one thing has not changed – and that is the why behind what I do. Though my message has at times felt lost in a whirlwind of words and products and pages … I am beginning to discover how to lay it out in order, so that I can reach the people who relate.

For starters, my amazing sister Hannah took new photographs for my blog and social media pages. Despite the fact that we had to completely disassemble the school area in one of our upstairs bedrooms, I’m quite pleased with the composition and feel of the pictures. So me!  I ❤ that my readers can now “visually identify” {as Michael Hyatt calls it} what I do “behind the scenes”.


Check out my updated About page as well. Michael encourages business owners to use a simple model that enables them to effectively communicate who they are, what they do, and why … in 60 seconds or less. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “A Fresh Perspective

  1. LOVE it, Sarah!!! 😉 So cool, attractive, yet simple, clear, awesome colors and layout, everything’s easy to digest…Wish you lots of success. Stay true and faithful to Jesus through everything!!! 🙂 ~Alyssa

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