Introducing Artichoke Baby

Artichoke Baby is a 2 year old from New York who absolutely adores artichokes! She’s the inspiration behind her mother’s passion for all-natural, organic, and high-quality products – that are safe and family friendly! Soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO & cruelty-free + handmade from scratch in small fresh batches = amazing, health-enhancing products that you’re sure to love! 


I’m pretty excited about these new products – partly because I connected with Laura pretty much from the moment I found out about her products. She and I share a big similarity – and that is, we both have families that we care a lot about. Laura has a 2 year old little girl that has really challenged her to think deeper about her lifestyle … and now she’s helping other busy moms feel good about caring for their families in a safe and beneficial way too!

The other part is that she sent me samples to try… and I was blown away by how amazing they are! The hand sanitizer spray was a huge blessing to me, right around the time that I developed some really bad broken blisters from our hiking adventures. It was the only product I could find in our house that would stop the terrible, horrible itching while my feet were healing. Yeah … hand sanitizer. 😉


You can purchase this product in my online store.

Laura also makes a pretty amazing “no-spots” stick for acne, scarring, signs of aging, and skin blemishes.  I hear it’s one of her most popular products and has effectively helped a number of people. I’m especially excited about this because SO many people come to me for an acne “remedy” and up until now I’ve only had soaps and a healing moisturizer to offer them!


You can purchase this product in my online store.


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