Doc Muffin

According to my younger sister,  I get to be her “doc muffin”… that is, after little brother picked her leg up just as the dog was jumping over her. Long {and very confusing} story short, the dog landed on her foot, and her foot came down on her other heel. {This is the most interested scenario yet, in our family’s history of purple toes and ankles.}

This looks pretty similar to what my toe looked like in the Fall of 2013 – although mine had blue and green hints to it as well and a dark red line. We were preparing to go backpacking as a family, like 10 days later. My mom and I were both pretty positive that I had broken my toe … and there was nothing I could do except get serious about applying my herbal remedies. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I discovered over the next 5 days that pure and natural remedies REALLY DO WORK! And our 19 mile backpacking trip was pretty amazing too! 🙂

I’ve used this same treatment on my brother’s fractured growth plate, my bruised periosteum {broken outer layer of the foot bone} last Christmas, and several other incidents along the lines of sprains and breaks.

So naturally, that’s what being “Doc Muffin” looks like this week.

Purchase my Deep Healing Kit here.

Happy Reformation Day!! 🙂


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