Happy Thanksgiving!!

I’m pretty grateful to be spending today with these people. ❤

Late mornings + pajamas… pancakes + eggs + bacon…  board games + Christmas music {we decorated for Christmas early too!} … delicious food being prepared for an early dinner + dear friends coming over … and overall the blessing of a relaxing day at home with family.

Add to that MANY rich, abundant blessings throughout this year – health, friendship, encouragement,  spiritual growth, provision, protection, ministry opportunities … and always the joy of a fruit-filled life in Christ Jesus, and the hope that we have in Him – regardless of present circumstances or feelings.

_MG_0080What are you doing for Thanksgiving? And more importantly, what blessings are you grateful for this year?

Psalm 106 is a passage that never ceases to challenge me in my Christian walk. Here’s why – “They soon forgot His works … {and} lusted exceedingly in the wilderness…

They forgot.

How often do we forget? Forget the gifts of God – His BLESSINGS – His wondrous works? And when we forget, we doubt. We lose faith. We don’t believe that He is good and that He does all things well. We fear. We make choices based on our feelings.

Psalm 105:5 “Remember His marvellous works that He hath done; His wonders, and the judgements of His mouth.


Today I want to challenge us all to reflect on the goodness of God toward us – though completely undeserving! And with grateful, humble hearts let us GIVE THANKS.


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