Today started off early, before 4 am. Time in the word + prayer … last minute items to load for the show … and then a somewhat lengthy drive, to arrive in time for setup.

It’s been a pretty exciting week … but then again, isn’t life always exciting around here? 😉

I always look forward to getting more ingredients and packaging supplies in the mail … yay for more projects to keep me busy! 😉

Pumpkin pie – two of four that we’ve enjoyed in these past 2 weeks. 😀 Yeah, we happen to really like pumpkin pie.

The guys worked diligently on our parents bedroom  – finally repainting {we’ve had plans for a long time now}. In the end, it’s a really fun blue. 🙂

My healthy energy drink. Mmmmm!

I ❤ our home … and our yard is especially beautiful in the Fall.

Sibling time one evening … computer work + trying to stay awake …

{Note to self: why do little ones complain so LOUDLY about having to take naps … and why on earth didn’t I enjoy every precious moment of sleep during those little-hood nap times???} LOL 😀

One of my favorite parts of any meal prep = baking delicious desserts! Mmmm… sour cream apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies for Thanksgiving!

Our family room the day before Thanksgiving  … pardon the mess while we re-decorate.

Random sibling adventures often include a trip to who-knows-where to pick up Jon’s next piece of inventory for the bike shop. 🙂

More Thanksgiving deliciousness. Just for the record, I think my new favorite way to eat Pecan Pie is straight out of the freezer. 🙂

Thanksgiving at home with family and friends.

We are blessed {grateful}!

A father – son game of chess after Thanksgiving dinner … look out Daddy!

Today’s show was pretty amazing! The hardest part was staying awake. Early mornings + long days = I really want a nice long nap!

And … we made it! Wrapping up our 10th hour at the 35th annual B&B Craft Show. Delicious pumpkin bread {they don’t actually let you bring food in, so you have to purchase whatever is inside}. New contacts and great sales.

It’s been a pretty incredible week. God is good!

I’m grateful for family + friends… fellowship around the table over delicious meals … the cheerful feeling of warm Christmas lights on our porch after dark + all the happy indoor decorations … the satisfaction of much work completed and accomplishment! … good rest … and so many other small things that are so very big – because they mean a lot to someone.

I’m so blessed. ❤

P.S. Don’t forget! 15% off everything in the store, through Sunday night 11/29. Code THANKS2015.


4 thoughts on “11.28.15

  1. Sure! 🙂 For a large mason jar, one half freshly squeezed lemon juice, three mint leaves (I like to add more mint leaves), and four slices of cucumber chopped up. Add water. It’s hard to mess up this recipe, you can modify it and it’ll still taste good! 😉

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