The Truth About Cancer and Essential Oils

“Cancer is NOT a death sentence. Not only is there hope, there are several natural solutions that people have successfully implemented for literally centuries!  And the truth about cancer and essential oils is this: the research STRONGLY suggests that oils can help not only prevent, but treat cancer.” – Dr. Eric Z


I really appreciate Dr. Eric Z, ever since I first had the opportunity to hear him speak during an online webinar in The Essential Oil Revolution. Following his talk on essential oils for cancer treatment, I scheduled a phone consultation with him to learn more and ask some specific questions. I came away really blessed by his knowledge and wisdom – and ultimately his love for the Lord and commitment to searching out the truth and helping others find lasting answers.

Cancer is a big issue. It’s not something you rub some healing salve on for a few days or weeks. And yet health professionals like Dr. Z are dedicating time and research to better understand how something as simple as pure essential oils can be HUGE factors in not only treating cancer {WHY NOT include them in with chemo treatment??!!}, but also in preventing it in the first place.

I so enjoyed hearing Dr. Z’s testimony, of how his mentor used essential oils to treat skin cancer … and now I enjoy reading his blog when I can and learning.

Check out Dr. Z’s blog post – The Truth About Cancer and Essential Oils.

I think sometimes we make things a lot more complicated because we simply don’t understand. And in the end, if we’re going to go the traditional route, it never hurts {and just might make a life-changing difference} to gain a little extra knowledge and run with it.

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