Day 5 | 7 Days of Giving

Good morning!

We’re approaching the end of the 7 Days of Giving challenge. Today’s deal is for one of my favorite {and most popular} products – the Aromatherapy Wellness Collection! 5 Essential Oil Blends – Allergy, Headache & Migraine, Deep Healing, Breathe, and Wellness. I love that I can use these for a variety of symptoms and health concerns.

Here’s what people are saying …

YOU SAVED MY SON! Rebekah on Jun 02, 2015

“I bought your Breathe Oil at a show last September, after talking to you about my 6-year old son’s severe asthma. At the time he was using his nebulizer on a frequent continual basis, usually in the evenings before bed. I started rubbing this blend on his chest every night before bed, regardless of whether or not he was experiencing any symptoms. It has now been almost 9 months and my little boy has used his nebulizer maybe 1-2 times since I started using the Breathe Oil. You saved my son! Thank you so much for your incredible, safe healing products!”

WORKS GREAT! Seth Ballard on Feb 27, 2015

I had never tried oils before but I used this and it works! A few weeks ago I shut my thumb in the car door and it was pretty bad. I didn’t anything for it overnight but the next morning it was so painful I couldn’t use it at all. My mom had me use the Deep Healing Oil so I did, not thinking it would do anything. I was wrong! It worked great and by the end of the day (after applying it regularly) it was feeling a lot better. I used it for a week and no trouble at all.

AMAZING PRODUCT B. King on Dec 20, 2014

I used this oil on my broken toe. The doctor was skeptical it would heal without surgery, but after 6 weeks of applying this oil and wrapping the toe, x-rays have confirmed that it’s healed! The oil smells wonderful and the shipping was super fast. Thanks!!


My daughter developed some pretty rotten allergies to all things outside this year. She loves being outside, and the idea of pumping her full of allergy meds every day made me cringe. I also don’t want to keep her inside, so I was stuck. Then I tried this allergy oil! She’s only been on it for a week, but her nasal drip and watery eyes have completely disappeared. It’s wonderful! I rub some on her chest in the morning and at night, and it’s made a significant difference, even better than the brand name allergy medications. I’ll definitely be looking for some other products from this shop :).

Early fall found me with sinus headaches and I used the allergy oil. New to oils I wasn’t sure where to apply it, but I rolled it on my nose and on my temples. Immediately, what I breathed in stimulated and unclogged what needed to come out. Wow! In and Out, just like that! The pressure was relieved. I now carry it in my purse.

WORKS FAST! Karie on Feb 28, 2015

I suffer from migraines and this oil works so fast to ease the pain and clear the fog that always seems to settle over my brain. Love it!

EXCELLENT PRODUCT Kate on Jun 23, 2015

I was on two different prescriptions to deal with my migraines – one to reduce the pain and one to prevent the migraines (which were almost an every day occurrence) – and this oil has been a lifesaver! 🙂 Since I started using it regularly I have been able to wean off of both medications! I do still get headaches, but overall the improvement has been incredible and I love that I’m no longer on any prescriptions to deal with my migraines! Sarah is definitely my go-to source for all my natural remedies!


20% off the Aromatherapy Wellness Collection.

Code SAVEGIVE5 at checkout.

The collection is regularly priced at $94.99, already a $26.96 savings from its original value. Today I’m offering it to you for $75.99.

Purchase the Collection HERE.


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