7 Ways to Get Well and Stay Well

I’ve written a lot about our family’s favorite wellness remedies. Ingredients, drinks, and other random concoctions that we make up all year round – whether it’s sick season and we want to stay healthy … or someone feels like they might be coming down with something.


To make things a little simpler, I thought I’d compile some of these favorites in one blog post – for this lovely start to the New Year! Because in case you haven’t noticed, it’s sick season … 😛

Immune Booster Wellness Tea

This is the first herbal loose leaf tea our family ever experimented with {back when my dad decided to purchase a French press so our family could start making tea the economical – and yummier – way}! And WOW was is a success! All 9 of us drink this stuff by the press-ful. We make several pots daily during Fall and Winter … and other times in between. And it works so well! I have done up to 8 cups daily during a short period of time when I’m trying to get well. It sure packs a punch – and it’s yummy!


The WOW Drink

Check out the WOW drink from this post! My favorite! Okay… I have a love-hate relationship with this concoction because while I have to endure its extreme sour/spicy taste for all of 2 seconds, the spoonful of honey that follows + the incredible speedy healing results are WELL WORTH the encounter, 2 times daily. 😀

The 5 Hour Wellness Plan

My brother’s favorite {he came up with it all on his own} … and probably one of the best ways to help your guys get well quickly. Make it quick, keep it tolerable yummy, and produce positive results … right? Okay, so I have to admit this “5 hour” wellness plan works pretty well! It sure made a difference when I was coming down with a virus one Sunday. And the following Monday I was a believer. 😉

DIY Soothing Wellness Drink

This one was a “lifesaver” for me when I suddenly started to come down with some sort of virus the night before we departed for our big Adirondack backpacking trip. Talk about the reality that you are you planning on spending the next 7 days in the wilderness, hiking rough terrain by the miles – daily. Add to the the possibly of miserable cold and sick symptoms – and who knows if it will spread to the stomach {as it had with a few of the other}?


A friend had shared this remedy with me a few weeks earlier. Desperate times call for drastic measures. LOL. I took full advantage of this remedy that evening and the following morning {in our hotel room} … and that was the last of all my sick symptoms. I enjoyed our week in the wilderness to the fullest. 🙂

Wellness Essential Oils

I love my Wellness blend – you may have heard of Thieves Oil. This is my “thieves” oil aka Wellness oil. I love this stuff – be it pouring some into my diffuser every night, or rubbing the stuff onto the bottoms of both feet by day and night. And it works!

In addition, I’d like to point out that I’m a huge fan of  Artichoke Baby’s Organic Bye-Bye Germs Hand Sanitizer {made with pure essential oils and herb extracts}. With little ones especially, one of the keys to staying well is keeping hands clean – and chasing away those bad germs. You know … like after you finish your grocery shopping and remove your child from the cart? 😛


Breathe Products

When I’m sick I usually get respiratory issues along with it – whether congestion, a cough, or tightening/spasms in my chest – sometimes even difficulty breathing.

I used to adore Tiger Balm for it’s incredible SPICE and POWER. Talk about MENTHOL! It drives deep into the chest and sinuses, clearing and opening the passages and soothing/calming/relaxing the body. However, I discovered {much to my dismay} a few years back that Tiger Balm contains petroleum. WHAT? NOOOOO! So I set out to create my own “vicks” and “tiger balm” rubs – healthier, all natural versions that are GOOD for you!


Soothing Vapor Rub

Breathe Balm

I also love this blend – I have now heard from several people that this is THE PRODUCT that keeps them off {or 90% off} of their asthma and allergy meds. WOW! Talk about a blend of essential oils that works on deeper chest and respiratory issues. 🙂

Breathe Oil


Guess What?!

I’ve made things simple by creating an entire Wellness Collection! You can purchase many of the products I’ve mentioned in this post for a savings of almost $30!

  • Immune Booster Wellness Tea
  • Breathe Oil
  • Organic Wellness Oil
  • Organic Breathe Balm
  • Organic Soothing Vapor Rub
  • Organic Decongest Cough Tea


Purchase the Wellness Collection HERE

Get well, stay well! What are some of your favorite home wellness remedies?


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