Making Our Home Our Health Center ~ Ashleigh’s Story

I’m doing something new on the blog today – I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you a guest post from my friend Ashleigh! This sweet gal is a dear friend of mine – wife, mommy of 4 boys, and huge advocate of doing things the all-natural way. Sometimes it’s the things we least expect that push us to take a huge leap of faith and start doing things we never imagined we would. Every natural health advocate has their own story of how they got to the place where they determined to make their home their health center … what got them first started … and even what “project” helped them get past the scary hump of “I can’t do this … to I think I can … to I CAN and I DID!”

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Ashleigh is a sweet, bubbly, energetic mom that inspires me. In so many ways I hope to be like her if/when I’m a young wife and mom. I hope her story encourages you, because this is something I’d love to do more this year – share with you a glimpse of some of the others around me who are starting out from the beginning, or are early on in the newer stages of making their homes their health centers… and I know I love to hear how others are starting out and going strong!

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“The gracious Lord crossed my path with Sarah a little over a year ago. Upon getting to know her I quickly realized I wanted to soak up the wisdom that God had given her in regards to natural health…I had a huge passion for health and no time to tap into it with 4 kids ages 6 and under.
My oldest son inherited my intense allergies and struggled with seasonal allergies, especially in the springtime. After trying the typical over the counter recommendations of zyrtec and claritin and seeing very little relief I was ready to try something more natural. I began rubbing the “allergy oil blend” by the country muffin on his temples and behind his ears at bedtime and saw an immediate decrease in his nightime stuffiness. This really awakened my passion even more for natural products and tapping into natural remedies.

Fast forward a year and my youngest son gets a horrible virus which led to high wbc, dehydration, 3 weeks of vomit and diarrhea, ER visit, hospital stay, and no answers other than a prescription for myralax. We were also prescribed a medication (antacid/stomach “soother”) that I gave once and then researched and found that aluminum was an ingredient in it and decided not to give anymore. Knowing my child and his habits of eating and bowels I did not think the myralax was going to do major improvements but trusting that all the tests of ultrasounds, x-rays, ct scan, bloodwork etc were accurate I tried myralax for 2 weeks (his immune system was so weakened and 4 months later still is; about a month after this all began he even had full blown scarlet fever). His stomach was getting distended and growing two inches from morning to evening even having multiple bowels/day. His stomach would get hard. We were at a loss.

About 8 weeks into this the Lord used an acquaintance to recommend apple cider vinegar (with the mother). Within 2 weeks of giving 1T before each meal and doing only 3 meals/day and allowing his stomach to “sweep” between meals praise God his stomach was back to normal or close to it! Now we all take acv daily and I get my kids to take it by mixing in 1T of acv with 1/4 cup of fresh pressed apple juice (the cloudy kind-white house makes one), and 1/4 cup of water. I was now more than ever convinced that the products God put on the earth were fully capable of healing (if it was His will). I know the gut can take months and even years to fully heal (so I read) and we have had slight regression since the great improvement along with more improvement but I thank the Lord for revealing HIS greatness to me through natural ways opposed to chemical ways. So…this is really what made me act quickly toward doing things “a more natural way.”

Now…I am absolutely loving being in the kitchen. I have also made body cream–(this same child had impetigo a few weeks ago and the bites were infected), elderberry syrup to help boost my kids immune systems during the winter months especially, a fire cider which is also immune boosting, kefir water which has natural probiotics, a plantain salve which draws things out of the skin and it helpful with bites/stings, and a foot rub salve with garlic and olive oil in it for the kids to sleep with (under their socks as it is quite strong)!

All this has grown my excitement for clean and natural ways and by the grace of God sparked a new found joy in caring for my family. I must also mention we are on a tight budget and all of these things have minimal cost or I would not be doing them. May the Lord graciously give you his peace today to sustain you through the paths he is walking you through.”

-Ashleigh {wife, mom, homemaker}

Ashleigh’s family still has health issues – some major health issues at that. It will take time, perhaps the involvement of special natural doctors or other natural healthcare professionals … and patiently trying out many things {because there is not one “fix it” for all that works on every person the same way}.


The important thing is that through these challenges and obstacles, Ashleigh has come to realize that there’s a lot more to keeping her family healthy {long-term with lasting results} than the doctor’s prescribed drugs. And while it takes time, research and diligence, she is actively seeking out a better knowledge and understanding of the different health conditions her family is going through – and little by little she is trying new methods and creating her own recipes at home. Gentle, pure, safe ingredients are easily made into detox drinks, healing balms, moisturizing creams, etc… and she’s having a blast!

It’s important to take that first step – and from there it has the potential to be an exciting adventure {though possibly still very challenging, overwhelming, even discouraging at times}. She is seeing results! And you can too!

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What is your story? How did you get into “natural living” and how would you encourage others to take small steps to make a difference in their homes and families? You can share your story too – email me through the contact form. 🙂

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