The Adirondacks: Part 6

Day 6: Lake Colden | 2.4 Miles

“Another great day of rest and relaxation – at least for the girls! 😉

Bethy and David woke up around 6:30 to catch the morning sunrise. I was barely awake when they ran off down the trail – it was FREEZING cold and I contemplated following, but wasn’t sure which trails led to the dam … so I opted to stay in my warm sleeping bag and sleep a little longer.

Daddy and I followed 2 hours later, with oatmeal, chocolate, tea, electrolyte powder, and other loose odds and ends to aid in our breakfast-making. David had taken a time lapse recording of the sunrise on his iPad which was fun to watch.

The guys left around 10:15 for a day hike up to the peak of Mount Colden. One of my boots is falling apart little by little and Daddy is afraid the sole won’t stay on for our hike out tomorrow {about 7 miles} – so Bethy and I stayed behind for a day on the river.


We laid our wet clothes {from swimming yesterday} out on warm rocks in the sunshine and found comfortable big rocks to sit on. Bethy brought her drawing tablet to sketch, and list of verses to work on for Bible Bee competition. I spent some time reading my Bible and napping in the sun. Both of us spent quite a bit of time singing – everything from hymns to fun tunes we grew up singing … to Christmas carols. 😀


We munched on trail mix and granola bars for lunch. Around 1:15 we thought {or perhaps imagined} that we saw David on top of Mountain Colden above us – he wore his florescent yellow shirt. Despite the fact that we were pretty sure some guys were camping locally, we yelled to our guys as loudly as we could … and according to David, they heard us and waved. LOL! 😀


{Below – Lake Colden. The dam is in the narrower stretch that eventually becomes the river – where us girls were}.IMG_3321

No swimming today! We soaked up all the warmth and sunshine that we could on this BEAUTIFUL day! We’re going on a lot of COLD nights now which makes a warm sunny day much appreciated!


Mid afternoon the boys returned from their day hike. We all piled back into the lean-to to rest, journal, and do Bible memorization.


For dinner we cooked up some lasagna {or chicken and potatoes depending on which meal you opted to save for today}, electrolyte drinks, and hot chocolate {Bethy saved hers for tonight}. We had Maple Cream Cookies for dessert!

As a very important side note, dinners are a highlight of this week – due to the fact that we left a significant portion of our lunches in the car {mainly all of our cheese sticks and cheese blocks}. Let it be said that I will have a new appreciation for food {especially cheese} after this week.


Us girls only saw 1 man cross the river today, but the guys encountered several on their hike. Just now there is a lady getting water from the river to make her dinner. She, her son and a friend are planning to rock-climb the bald of Colden tomorrow.


We are hoping for an early start in the morning, with nearly 7 miles out to Adirondack Loj. From there David is planning to jog the remaining 1.9 to the parking lot where our car is, and come back for us.

I’m excited! I hear that {our friends} are cooking up something yummy for dinner tomorrow night. Mmmm… real meat! We have had a few brief phone conversations with the family via Daddy’s satellite phone this week.

Food has been a HUGE topic of discussion here – more so with each passing day. 😉 Add to that a crazy amount of laughter, goofing off, and nonsense {perhaps more typical of us girls at a certain level of exhaustion … but should I feel concerned for our guys? LOL} . I think we are all in need of a good hot shower, and a long night of sleep in our own beds. Tomorrow,  come soon!”

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