The truth is, it’s the little things that mean the most. We appreciate so much more those things that we faithfully and continually prayed for, fought for, and worked hard for.





Sunset on a winter evening – day 2 of our first “snow”.


Tea blends in-the-making.


Essential Oil samples from a distillery in France. It will be a VERY LONG time before I forget the memorable experience of trying to remove 2/4 caps from these bottles. Still, I am incredibly happy with the amazing quality of these oils. Though I have not used them, I have smelled them – and that goes a long way for me. 🙂


Essential Oil Blends in-the-making. PLUS sample sized {5 ml} roll-top bottles coming soon, for those who have requested a smaller size. 😀


I’m keeping busy – as always. It’s amazing how no matter what you accomplish there is always something else you could do/be doing. At least this is true when you’re running a store. 🙂

I love all the ideas, suggestions and feedback that continually find their way to me through fb, email, text, and other forms of social media… best of all, in person. ❤  There’s always room to improve, expand, and grow.

This week my friend Autumn will be sharing a guest post that she wrote for the blog. I want to introduce her in advance because I’m absolutely thrilled that she took time to write for y’all! Autumn is such as sweet friend, and it’s always encouraging to watch her as she continue to learn and grow. I’m so proud of how far she has come through her own studies and creations at home. She’s a sister to many, and quickly become the “doctor” at home. It’s great to see her researching, experimenting, and creating GREAT products for her family – also expanding out to reach friends and others with similar needs. This is how I started – and this can be you too. I hope you’ll find her story encouraging. She’s going to share with you some simple and practical ways to make your own products at home, and get started at making your home your health center – especially if it’s your goal but you’re overwhelmed at the idea of where to start.

Happy Thursday!

I’m off to teach an essential oil class. 😀


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