Make Your Home Your Health Center | Autumn’s Story

Good Morning!

I’m so excited to have my dear friend Autumn on the blog today. Believe it or not, I met her for the first time last July, at Sunshine Camp. And yet it’s not uncommon for us to text or email one another about what we’re making, where the best prices are on ingredients or supplies, or what new goals we have this year for our projects and businesses. I sure love this girl! And because we all have a “beginning”, I’m especially confident that Autumn’s story will encourage the majority of you – whether a busy working mom, avid homemaker, or teenager working through high school … while simultaneously struggling to find a few minutes here and there to research, learn, and experiment with new home remedies. Let’s do this!

I especially love the conclusion to today’s post. Because it’s so true that while making your home your health center may seem challenging and time-consuming, there’s really so much REWARD in knowing exactly what it is that you are putting on / in the ones that you care the most about. And seeing the fruit of that – knowing that it’s making a positive and beneficial difference in their lives WITHOUT the hidden dangers and side effects associated with many of the well-known pharmaceutical drugs and medicinal symptom relievers. IMG_4959

Are you interested in “making your home your health center”, but aren’t sure if you will be able to do it?

I want to encourage you to go for it! Taking steps to be your own family’s “doctor” is a greatly rewarding experience!

Family PhotoMy name is Autumn Carlson and I am the oldest girl in a family of 11.

I’m a 16 year old living in Atlanta, GA keeping busy with doing schoolwork, teaching English to immigrant students, and making homemade concoctions.

My first influence in the “alternative health/natural” lifestyle was my mom. She has always encouraged me to eat healthy, stay active and use natural remedies over pharmaceuticals when possible. As I have gotten older, I have looked for ways to practically and affordably keep myself and other family members healthy.

My first big step was essential oils.

Through Google, personal experimentation, and the wise words of friends, I have learned a lot about the importance of pure oils. If you are considering purchasing essential oils, I encourage you to do your research and buy only high-quality 100 % pure essential oils. There are a lot of traps one can fall into when looking for the top quality oils, so I encourage you to do your research! I started out by wasting my money on cheap, adulterated oils and because of this, I did not understand how other were using these oils to improve their health. Because the oils that I had purchased weren’t doing any sort of wonders for me, I assumed that the essential oil rage was nonsense and not worth my time. It was not until I did some research and reading on the different types and grades of essential oils that I realized the importance of getting a top-quality oil. One of the most helpful things to read when I was examining Little Brother Mattthe purity of essential oils I had previously purchased was Sarah’s basic guide to essential oils:


With my new PURE essential oils, I have been able to alleviate problems that only typical medicine had relieved before, but without the side effects!

When my little brother had a 101.7 fever the other day, I applied peppermint essential oil, diluted in coconut oil, to the soles of his feet. His fever broke later that day and after a few reapplications, he was running around, back to being his cute, normal self!

In addition to using essential oils, I have begun using herbs to treat various ailments.

I am still very new to the world of herbal remedies, but I have already been able to use some of the things I’ve learned! So far, I only have the herbs arnica and comfrey, but I am looking forward to expanding my herbal “collection” in the near future.

My first experience with herbs was infusing them into carrier oils so that they would be ready to use in salves and lotions. I used Sarah’s how-to video ( as a guide, but made a few adjustments along the way.

Infusing Herbs

Arnica Flowers in JarFirst, I filled glass jars with the herb I wanted. (I did 3 jars of arnica and 2 of comfrey.)

The carrier oils I used for this project were sunflower seed oil and coconut oil. I was excited to see how the coconut oil would work, as it is a solid at room temperature.

After 3 LONG days of waiting, I was excited to strain off the herbs and use my infused oils!

This project was surprisingly easy and I’m so glad that I decided to incorporate herbs into my home “doctor kit”.

I saved my newly infused oils in labeled jars and used a little of each new oil to make a multi-purpose salve.

This salve really came in handy when my dad came down with a itchy rash from an allergic reaction. I mixed some of my arnica salve with a homemade lotion base and added some frankincense and lavender essential oils. This mixture really helped relieve the itchiness of my dad’s rash! He later commented that my mixture worked just as well as the hydrocortisone cream he had been using, but without the side effects!

Herbal Creations  Healing Salve  Lavender Sugar Scrub

Being able to help my family members get through injuries and sicknesses has been, and continues to be both fun and fulfilling. Now, as I continue to mix up different products for my family, I have started to sell some of my products to the friends and the public. I am in the process of starting a website so that I can easily market my products, but for now, I am using my company email address to accommodate new orders.

Lip BalmWhile I make many types of products, the ones I sell fall into the general category of “Natural Bath and
Body”. My products include lotions, sugar scrubs, lip balms and bath bombs. All of my products are made with completely natural, safe ingredients, and I even offer some products where every ingredient is organic! One of my most popular products is my Lavender Sugar Scrub. The ingredient list is short, and each components of this product contributes to its quality and serves an important purpose. The sugar helps to exfoliate the skin, the oil moistens and hydrates and the essential oil promotes healing (and smells great too)! I am pleased to be able to offer quality products at a reasonable price, and I am excited to continue expanding my business through the opening of an online store.

If you are interested in any of my products, feel free to email me at and I will be happy to answer any questions you have!

My journey towards a healthier lifestyle has been an exciting time and there is still so much I have to learn! If you are on the fence about purchasing a few essential oils, or making your own herbal salves, I encourage you to try it out! There is no such peace as when you are able to control exactly what goes into your “medicine” because the worry about whether or not a product has harmful chemicals is no longer!

Happy creating!

Autumn Carlson

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