Cleaning House – Do It Right

Thursdays and Fridays are our official house cleaning days … we rotate through a few assigned rooms on a monthly basis. In fact, we even have a check-list for each room, to ensure that all the important things get accomplished. 😉

To be brutally honest, if I were to build a list of things I despise dislike, house-cleaning would have to be fairly close to the top. Not that I like things un-clean. Actually, I rather like love a tidy, organized, clean house. It’s important. But the process of getting it to be that way, week after week is not something I especially look forward to. 🙂

That is besides the point – because house cleaning is a necessity of life. And while we’re learning how to cheerfully respond to all the trials challenges of life, we might as well make the most of our adventures. In fact, the way I see it … there’s much more fun in rolling up your sleeves, turning on some happy music, and singing while you clean. 😀


Moving right along … the purpose of this post is actually not about our cleaning schedule, how we go about getting it done, or whether or not we look forward to it. 😉

Recently we’ve been learning more about natural methods for cleaning house. Yes, we’ve used all the typical cleaning chemicals for most of my life {gasp!} … and we still use quite a few. It sure seems like things get cleaner when you use scrubbing bubbles over white vinegar. All that delicious fluffy white foam on the tiles in the shower makes scrubbing much more exciting than the water-like substance that barely drips and leaves your sponge feeling dry.

The Problem Is …

These chemicals are so bad for you. Toxic. And it’s not just the exposure to your skin – but more importantly, inhaling them in while you work with them. I have a sister who quickly gets headaches if she uses a specific chemical in a small enclosed space – such as one of the bathrooms. My mom is the same way. I wonder how may of the more advanced health issues that appear long-term, are linked back to a lot of the chemicals we are exposed to from day to day.

Start Small

It’s amazingly simple how far you can go with a little vinegar and lemon juice. My mom infused some fresh lemons into a container of white vinegar for several weeks, and for a while we used that as a multi-purpose cleaner in her bathroom. It’s nice to put some baking soda on the scrub sponge and use that after the vinegar/lemon spray – it creates some exfoliation which is nice when you’re trying to clean those shower tiles.

Yesterday I used plain white vinegar in a spray bottle. While we’re on the topic of white vinegar, I despise the smell of this stuff and really hope to find something else that works just as well. Ugh! And in the end I added some essential oils to the bottle, which made the fragrance much more tolerable. PLUS, it adds incredible benefits!

Essential Oils For Cleaning

Clove Bud

Tea Tree



Sweet Orange


I recommend these oils and these oils.

These are some of my favorite essential oils for cleansing, detoxifying, disinfecting, etc. You get the idea. There’s a reason why you feel refreshed and cleansed when you drink fresh lemon water. The same applies to Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, which can be effectively used to disinfection cuts and injuries as well. Clove Bud is perhaps one of the most powerful and effective disinfectants. I like to think of it above all others on my list.

This weekend I’m using a mixture of Sweet Orange, White Grapefruit and Eucalyptus in my vinegar solution – for the bathroom cleaning that is. I just grabbed a few from the shelf that I thought would be effective. Next time I’ll experiment with others from the list above. Lemon, Clove Bud and Tea Tree. Maybe Peppermint as well.

What are some of your favorite natural cleaning methods?


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