Not Just Another Ordinary Soap

Look what came in the mail today!



Cleanse & Detoxify Charcoal Soap + Nourishing Violet Farmstead Soap from Reformation Acres are now available in my shop!

Soap is Overrated

It’s becoming more and more a goal of mine to avoid simply selling nice soaps. By that, I mean that it’s one thing to avoid the bad soaps and search out better soaps that have good, high-quality and beneficial ingredients … to scratch chemical fragrances and use soaps fragranced with pure essential oils or plant based ingredients.

But even then, there are thousands of soap bars out there. And what’s to distinguish a great soap bar from another great soap bar besides its unique smell? How on earth are you supposed to choose? 


Not Just Another Ordinary Bar of Soap …

The truth is, that the majority of “good” soaps out there mainly consist of low quality oils + a few beneficial ingredients thrown in.

I love that Quinn and her family make very unique soaps – soaps that you’ll probably not come across in your grocery store or internet search. Violet, Calendula, Rose Hip, Cucumber & Yogurt, Jewelweed, Apricot Scrub, Charcoal Detox … Each bar has unique healing qualities. Some are formulated especially to moisturize and hydrate dry skin … others to nourish and beautify skin in general … and still others to cleanse, detox, and gently scrub away bad oils and impurities.

Pure & Beneficial = Healing

Reformation Acres Farm uses fresh herbs, wild flowers, jersey milk {from their own cows}, goat’s milk, seeds, clays, oats, and high quality carrier oils + tallow to formulate their amazing soaps! They are 100% palm oil free – which is a huge PLUS. Scrap the low quality and usual ingredients in all of your typical soap bars. Quinn uses a lot of ingredients that you may not be as familiar with – but they’re SO GOOD for you and your skin!

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