DIY Herbal Healing Salve

My first DIY home remedy project was an herbal bug bite salve. It’s amazing how natural and simple salve-making feels to me now … almost 4 years later. But at the time I spent HOURS researching what to put into my salve, and following a step-by-step tutorial. That first step was exactly what I needed to give me the courage to step out and reach for greater goals. Now I run a store full of products – including many of my first experiments.

Today I’d like to encourage you to try making your own salve if you haven’t. It’s really quite simple and a lot of fun! The best part is that with a little basic knowledge of how this process works, you are free to be creative – mix your favorite herbs together, add in some other beneficial ingredients … and prepare something unique for your home health center!

Note: I recommend starting out with something fairly simple. You may choose to do a Plantain Salve for bug bites, or Arnica Salve for bruising and sore muscles. You don’t need to fix a fancy formula right now. If this is new to you, choose 1 or 2 herbs {check out my video on how to make your own herbal-infused oil for the base of your salve} and consider adding in a few drops of essential oil or a little vitamin E oil, etc. You may find a lot of helpful information online concerning specific herbs or essential oils for the type of salve you plan on making.

In this video I recommend 1 oz of beeswax for each 8-12 oz of herbal-infused or carrier oil. Choose more or less depending on how soft you want your salve to be – more of a ointment/cream or something closer to a rub …?

Essential Oil measurements vary. 1-3 drops of essential oil per 1 oz of herbal-infused or carrier oil is a great start for something very mild and relaxing. Looking for something a little more aromatic? Try 5-10 drops per oz …

You can also purchase specially formulated healing salves from my shop!


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